How to use Microsoft’s Bing AI Chatbot

Lets dive right in to looking at how Bing's latest AI powered tool works

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The artificial intelligence race is heating up pretty fast. Major tech companies are embracing this new technology, and Microsoft is no exception. With Bing AI, Microsoft is moving to improve its user experience by offering the chance to enhance the scope of Bing’s with the power of artificial intelligence. 

What is Microsoft’s Bing AI chatbot? The chatbot, also known as New Bing, is an integration of ChatGPT with Microsoft’s search engine Bing.

Similar to ChatGPT, Bing’s Chatbot is built on OpenAI’s large language model abbreviated as LLM. The chatbot is exposed to a wide variety of text data for learning and training. Then it uses the data obtained during training to predict the next set of words in a sentence. The aim of integrating AI is to get to a point where artificial intelligence can generate responses to any prompt or query just like humans.

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How to use Microsoft’s Bing AI chatbot

Microsoft Bing has been improved with the injection of the ChatGPT technology. This has immensely transformed the search engine into a powerful tool that is capable of having a conversation with users. 

Let’s walk you through how to use Microsoft Bing AI.



Go to

The first step is to launch the Microsoft Edge browser and go to When the search engine opens, select the Chat Tab. Ensure that you have signed into on Microsoft Edge using your account. Then click on the Chat shortcut on the top menu. It is important to note that the New Bing is only available if you are signed in to the Microsoft Edge web browser with your Microsoft account. Therefore, if you do not have a Microsoft account you won’t be able to access this new feature.



Type a Question in the Bing AI Search Field

When the Bing search tab opens up, type a question, then click Enter. However, before you’re able to start chatting, you need to select one of the three conversation styles presented by Bing:

More Creative

This produces more descriptive, longer, and imaginative answers.

More Precise

This presents shorter and straightforward, search-focused answers.

More Balanced

This refers to informative but friendly responses.



Interact with the AI Chatbot

Once you’ve selected your conversation style you’ll be able to interact with the chatbot. Once you enter your query, Bing will present a display of the traditional search results on the left-hand side, and then the AI chatbot will give a set of results on the right-hand side. To continue interacting with the Bing AI, you will have to click on the ‘See More’ button in the artificial intelligence chatbot box.



Click Let’s Chat to Access the AI Chatbot

To start having interactions and getting responses from the chatbot, you need to click on Let’s Chat. Locate this option in the AI chatbot box on the right-hand side of the search results presented by Bing. This will prompt the Bing Chat and allow you to interact with it.



Enter Additional Requests in the Chatbox

For enhanced experience and personalized responses, the AI chatbot has to interact continuously with you. Therefore, you need to continue adding more requests in the chatbox. This allows the AI to learn about your requests and tailor responses for you.



Start Afresh

If you are done with your requests and want to start a new topic or a new conversation, you can click on New Topic. This will initiate a new conversation with the AI bot. However, the chatbot will remember all your previous requests and replies. This means that whenever you ask a similar question or request, the AI will provide a better suggestion or response based on your previous interaction. You’re also encouraged as a user to leave feedback to help Microsoft improve the system.

What Else Can the Bing AI Chatbot Do?

Similar to ChatGPT, the Bing AI Chatbot can do everything that you can do with ChatGPT. This is because it is based on GPT-4 model. Therefore, you can ask the bot to draft an email, write a poem, analyze data, help you plan a holiday, or a hike, write an essay, help you decide on what to buy, and so much more. Microsoft has also implemented a feature that allows you to continue the AI conversations from your desktop on their mobile iOS or Android platform. 


Microsoft Bing AI chatbot is an incredible tool that provides a much-enhanced user experience on Bing. You can ask the AI bot to do almost anything and it will give you a response. Knowing how to use this chatbot effectively offers you a great experience when using Bing.