How to Use Threads by Instagram?

Getting Started: Step-by-step instructions on how to download, install, and set up Threads on your mobile device.

How to Use Threads by Instagram

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Threads is gaining immense attention from Instagram users. Threads allow users to connect with their close ones and share content easily. 

This article will explain how you can use Threads with Instagram, its functions and features, and day-to-day applications.

What is Threads by Instagram?

Threads by Instagram is a standalone app developed by Meta, the parent company of Instagram. It’s designed to enhance and streamline communication among close friends, providing a dedicated space for intimate conversations. The app focuses on providing more private and meaningful interactions within the Instagram platform.

Getting Started with Threads by Instagram

Threads by Instagram is a new app developed by Meta, the company behind Facebook and Instagram. It’s a standalone app that offers a more private and intimate way to share with your close friends.

To get started, you’ll need to download the Threads app from the App Store for iOS devices or the Google Play Store for Android devices. Once installed, you can log in using your existing Instagram credentials. Your Instagram username will become your Threads username.

How to Install and Set Up Threads by Instagram

To use Threads, you need to download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Once installed, you can log in using your existing Instagram credentials. You can customize your Threads profile with a photo, bio, and other information. The app has a feed where you can view threads posted by people you follow and discover recommended content.

How to Create a New Thread

Creating a new thread on Threads is simple. Click the pen-and-paper icon at the bottom of the app and start typing your thoughts. You can add text up to 500 characters, attach media such as photos and videos, and even include web links. Once you’re done, hit ‘Post’ to make your thread visible to your followers.

How to Use Threads by Instagram

Using Threads with Instagram is easy and requires no special effort or time. You would have to download the App directly from your device, “App Store or Google Play.” Once the App is downloaded and installed, now sign in with the App using your Instagram credentials

Note that Thread focuses on creating a more close space or environment for sharing the content with a group of your selected friends called “close friends.”

Check out some of its features below:

Create a Close Friend List

The first step of using Threads with Instagram is creating a list of your “Close Friends.” The list will contain all your close friends or people you can choose to share your status privately. It allows you to add or delete any friend you want at anytime.

Threads, like other social media platforms, allows users to engage with trending topics. Although it doesn’t support hashtags like Instagram or Twitter, it provides a unique platform for users to share their thoughts and join public conversations. This feature makes Threads a dynamic platform for real-time updates and discussions.

Exploring the Seamless Integration of Threads with Instagram

Threads by Instagram offers a seamless integration with your existing Instagram account. This means you can log into Threads using your Instagram credentials and automatically follow the accounts you already follow on Instagram. This integration makes it easy to transition between the two platforms, enhancing your social media experience.

Posting on Threads

Creating a new thread is simple. Tap the New Thread icon to start. Each post on Threads can include up to 500 characters of text, photos, and/or videos. Once you’re satisfied with your post, tap Post to publish your thread.

Remember, the visibility of your thread follows your profile’s privacy settings.

Updating the Statuses

While using Thread, it can allow you to share your real-time current status with your close friends. You can do it by selecting the “Status” feature from the App, and it will start sharing the status. It will offer you a few suggested statuses that you can select from. 

Otherwise, you may also create a custom status according to your preferences. This feature can be beneficial and fun as it allows you to share your current mood and where and what you are up to.


With threads, you can engage yourself in private one-on-one messages with your closed and chosen friends on the list. With this feature, you can easily share photos, videos, and even messages that can disappear from the App. 

Compared to the Instagram App, Threads can offer a more personalized and focused messaging experience.

Functions and Navigation

Threads offer an easy and simple user interface for navigation on Instagram. Take a look at the below few features and functions:


Threads offer easy yet little control over the notifications. Through this feature, you will have little control over the choice to receive only those messages and their updates that matter to you. You can customize the notifications settings per your mood to avoid overflowing the notifications.

Camera Usage

The camera feature in Threads can allow you to easily and quickly capture pictures or videos and share them with your closed friend list. The App has an easy-to-use design for instant capturing with easy sharing with friends.

Privacy and Control on Threads

Threads was designed with privacy in mind. You can choose to have a public or private profile on Threads. Accounts that you’ve blocked on Instagram will automatically be blocked on Threads as well. Additionally, Threads enforces Instagram’s Community Guidelines to ensure a safe and positive environment for all users.

Do Not Disturb

If it is time to take a break from the Notifications, choose its Do Not Disturb mode. It allows you to silence the Notifications for a certain period until you unmute it back. So, with the Do Not Disturb feature, you can enjoy an uninterrupted moment in private as long as you want.

Engaging with Other Users on Threads

Threads offers various ways to interact with other users. You can like a thread by tapping the heart icon, reply by typing your thoughts and hitting ‘Post’, or repost a thread by tapping the curved arrows below it and selecting ‘Repost’.

If you want to add your own thoughts to the thread before reposting, tap ‘Quote’ instead.

Threads and Other Social Media Platforms

Threads aims to be compatible with ActivityPub, a decentralized social networking protocol. This would allow Threads users to interact with accounts on different social media platforms, enhancing the app’s reach and functionality.


Can Only Instagram users use Threads?

Currently, only Instagram users can use Threads with their App or account. So, if you want to use Threads, it is mandatory to first create an account on Instagram or download its App as optional.

What is a Thread account on Instagram?

A Thread account on Instagram refers to your account on the Threads app, which is linked to your Instagram account. You use the same login credentials for both.

How does Threads promote creativity?

Threads promotes creativity by allowing users to express themselves through text, photos, and videos. It also encourages users to engage in public conversations, fostering a vibrant and creative community.

How does Threads compare to Bluesky and Mastodon?

Threads, Bluesky, and Mastodon are all social media platforms that focus on public conversations. However, Threads stands out for its seamless integration with Instagram and its focus on text updates and real-time conversations.

Can I use TikTok videos on my Threads posts?

Yes, you can share TikTok videos on Threads by copying the video link from TikTok and pasting it into your thread. However, remember to respect copyright and intellectual property rights when sharing content from other platforms.


Threads by Instagram offers a unique and intimate way to connect with your close friends. Its seamless integration with Instagram and focus on real-time text updates make it a dynamic platform for sharing and communication.

Whether you’re engaging with trending topics or sharing TikTok videos, Threads provides a platform for creativity and expression. For more insights and guides on using Threads and other social media platforms, take a look at our other articles on PC Guide.

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