Netflix Error Code NW-2-5 – Fixes

Follow this step by step guide to fix Netflix error code NW-2-5 and return to your favourite shows.

Netflix error code NW-2-5

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Netflix code NW-2-5 occurs when there is an issue with your network, preventing your device from connecting with Netflix. As error code NW-2-5 is a network issue, there is a multitude of factors that can contribute to this error occurring.

What Is Netflix Error Code NW-2-5?

The code signifies that your device cannot connect to the internet or is having trouble connecting with the Netflix servers. As Netflix is a multiplatform app, this error can occur on all types of devices such as phones, tablets, and consoles.

Below, we’ll go over the steps to fix this error. However, they may slightly change depending on the device that you use.

Understanding the Causes of Netflix Error Code NW-2-5

Netflix Error Code NW-2-5 can be frustrating when you’re trying to enjoy your favorite shows and movies. Understanding the causes of this error is crucial in resolving it effectively. Here are some common reasons why you might encounter the NW-2-5 error:

  1. Network Connectivity Issues:
    • Weak or unstable network signal: A weak Wi-Fi signal or intermittent network connection can trigger the NW-2-5 error. Ensure that your device is within range of a stable Wi-Fi signal, or try connecting with a wired Ethernet connection for better network stability.
    • Network congestion: If multiple devices are using the same network simultaneously, it can result in network congestion and cause streaming issues. Consider limiting the number of devices connected to your network while using Netflix.
  2. Problems with Network Settings:
    • Incorrect DNS settings: DNS (Domain Name System) translates domain names into IP addresses. Incorrect or misconfigured DNS settings can prevent your device from connecting to the Netflix servers. Check your device’s DNS settings and ensure they are correctly configured.
    • Router configuration issues: In some cases, router settings can interfere with Netflix’s streaming capabilities. Incorrect router configurations or settings may block the necessary network traffic for Netflix. Review your router’s settings and consult your router’s manufacturer or ISP for assistance if needed.
  3. Faulty Network Connections:
    • Wired or wireless connection issues: Faulty Ethernet cables or Wi-Fi adapters can lead to connectivity problems, resulting in the NW-2-5 error. Check your connections and cables for any signs of damage, or consider replacing them if necessary.
    • Router or modem issues: Sometimes, the issue lies with the router or modem itself. Power cycling or restarting your router and modem can help resolve temporary glitches that may be causing the NW-2-5 error.

It’s important to note that these are general causes of the NW-2-5 error, and the specific resolution may vary depending on your device and network setup. By understanding the potential causes, you can begin troubleshooting and work towards resolving the NW-2-5 error on your Netflix streaming platform.

How To Fix Netflix Error Code NW-2-5



Check if your network can play Netflix

Public networks:

If you are connected to the internet in a public setting such as a hotel, airport, or café. You should ask to see if video streaming services are blocked.

Private networks:

check to see if your internet connection speed is lower than the recommended speeds (3 -15 Mbps) for Netflix



Check your internet connection

Most devices allow you to test your internet connection from the settings.

If not, you should use another app on your device.

If you discover that the chosen app also doesn’t work, then the issue could be with your internet connection.



Restart your device and network

Completely restarting your device and network will cause them to reboot and can fix the connectivity issues.

To complete this, complete the following steps:

  1. Turn off your device, then completely unplug your modem and router from the socket.
  2. After 30 seconds, turn your modem and router back on.
  3. Wait 1 minute and then turn your device back on.
  4. Try to connect to Netflix again.



Restore default connection settings

Having custom device connection settings can cause issues when connecting to Netflix.

This includes things such as:

  • Custom modem settings.
  • Custom DNS settings.
  • Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN)



Improve your Wi-Fi connection

Every so often, all you need to do is improve your internet connection.

At times, a Wi-Fi- connection can become unstable and cause internet connection issues.

Luckily, there are easy fixes that you can carry out:

    • Moving your device closer to your router can help to increase the strength of the signal between the two devices.

    • Other devices may be interfering with the connection. Moving them away from the router can decrease the disturbance.

    • If your router is on the floor, then it might be giving out a weaker signal, simply move the router onto something higher, such as a desk.
    • Alternatively, you can establish a connection using an Ethernet cable, they provide a much stronger and stable connection to your router.

Final Thoughts

If after following these steps you are still experiencing Netflix error code NW-2-5 then you should contact your internet service provider. It could be caused by their being an internet blackout in your area or a fault with your modem/router.

If you suspect a fault in your router or just think it is time for an upgrade, check-out our recommendations for the best budget routers.

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