Is Bluesky owned by Twitter? In short, no.

Is Bluesky owned by Twitter? Here's everything you need to know

Is Bluesky owned by Twitter? In short, no. Picture shows image of the Bluesky logo on a white background.

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With the number of Twitter alternatives growing recently, it’s easy to get confused, especially when you don’t know who owns what. If you’ve heard of Bluesky, or if you haven’t, you might be asking the question – Is Bluesky owned by Twitter? We’ve got you covered here with everything you need to know about who owns Bluesky, and some key information about the self-proclaimed ‘decentralized’ social media platform.

Is Bluesky owned by Twitter?

No, Bluesky is not owned by Twitter. However, they do have a history together. Bluesky was created as a Twitter initiative in 2019, but became its own independent organization in 2021. Its CEO is Jay Graber, but Jack Dorsey, the former CEO of Twitter, has been heavily involved in the project and is still a key board member for Bluesky. In 2023, the beta version of Bluesky Social was released, so users can start trying out this progressive social networking app.

If you’re interested, you can read more about the similarities and differences between Bluesky vs Twitter, for more information on what divides these apps that seem similar at a first glance.

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Bluesky – key information

Bluesky is an independent Public Benefit LLC, meaning that it is an independent for-profit business that intends to operate sustainably and produce a public benefit. It is a social media app that is working to decentralize social media by giving users more control and transparency over their algorithms. One of its core goals is to make social media work in a similar way to the open system social networks like blogs and email that defined the early web.

Bluesky is a rival platform that was developed in parallel to Twitter, and has many of the same features such as a timeline and tweet-like posts. However, Bluesky has created its own policy, the AT protocol, which is an open-source framework for building social media apps. By creating a standard formula for user identity, data, and follows apps, social media will be able to interoperate and users will be able to move across apps freely. If you’re asking how you can join Bluesky, we’ve got you covered.