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Is Dall-E 2 copyright free?

Explore the truth about Dall-E 2 copyright free
Last Updated on August 11, 2023
Is Dall-E 2 copyright free
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The use of AI tools is becoming quite common for commercial purposes. They are helping businesses determine customers’ needs to create highly customized products and services. Dall-E 2, for instance, is another modern-era AI tool helping millions of users generate images for personal purposes. But is it available to use for commercial purposes too? 

If so, then how? Let’s find out about it in the below read.

Using Dall-E 2 for Commercial Purposes?

One of the major developments in the Dall-E 2 latest model is that users can now use it even for commercial reasons too. As a user, you can now have full usage rights for every image or media you create using Dall-E 2. These rights include selling, reprinting, and merchandising as well.

With that in mind, the images you create using this software will also be usable for your commercial projects, such as creating storyboards for movies or illustrating a child’s book, or even selling them ahead.

This is becoming a real game changer in the AI industry, and the future of content generation is now clearly in the hands of these AI tools and software.

Limitations and Issues

Although the images created by Dall-E 2 can be used for commercial reasons. But still, it has its limitations and other certain legality issues, especially when talking about stock photos. In addition, Dall-E 2 users need to credit them for the watermark option they have put in the images section.

Moreover, Dall-E 2 also changed the rule for those images that contain a face for a request. For instance, if a picture has a face of a real-time person, you would be required to seek his permission for commercial use. The rule for using faces in the image may keep changing frequently.


AI software like Dall-E 2 can be very useful for creating images quickly. This is especially helpful if you are a graphics designer or a marketer to create your brand with a little effort. However, keep in mind the limitations associated with its commercial use. The rest will be all fine.

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