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What is Twitter Spaces? Explained

A look at the virtual hang-out space
Last Updated on July 18, 2023
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Wondering what Twitter Spaces is? You’re not alone.

Twitter Spaces is a new feature that lets you have live audio conversations with others on the platform. You can start or join a Twitter Space by tapping the purple icon with waves. Let’s learn how to join one, or create your own Twitter Space.

What is Twitter Spaces? Introduction

Twitter Spaces are a feature allowing users to host and engage in live audio conversations with fellow Twitter users. By creating virtual rooms, people can come together from across the globe to chat, listen, and form connections. Recently, a new development called “ticketed Spaces” has been introduced, allowing hosts to charge entry fees to participants in their Spaces. Additionally, the option to record Twitter Spaces provides the convenience of revisiting and listening back to these conversations. 

It’s fairly easy to create a Space, and you can do so on Android and iOS mobile devices, laptops or desktop computers.

Starting a Space

To start your own Space, you just need to tap or long press on the compose tweet button and then choose the Spaces icon. After that, you can name your Space and decide whether it’s public or only for invited people. Remember, you are also able to schedule Spaces up to 30 days in advance.

Joining a Space

If you want to join a Space, you can see the purple icon on someone’s profile picture or at the top of your timeline. Tap on the Spaces tab to enter the conversation and join the guests already present and start listening.

Participating in a Space

In a Space, you can actively participate by speaking or using emoji reactions to show your support or agreement. You can also tweet about the ongoing conversation by tapping the compose tweet button and sharing on your timeline.

Hosting a Space

As a host, you have control over who can speak. You can invite people to join as speakers or remove them if needed. You can also mute people whenever you need. If you have a bigger audience, you can make two co-hosts, and this can take 13 people on speaker. You can rotate mics to give a chance to other people to speak and share their views.

Listening to a Space

You can mute your microphone and enjoy the conversation without speaking if you prefer to listen.

Discovering Spaces

To discover Spaces, you can check the top of your timeline, where Twitter will display ongoing conversations. You can find Spaces through tweets or profiles with purple icons.


Twitter Spaces aims to be accessible to everyone. Its features, like live captions, provide real-time subtitles for better understanding.

Benefits of Twitter Spaces

Twitter Spaces allows you to connect with people worldwide and have conversations on various topics. It provides a more interactive and real-time experience compared to traditional text-based tweets. As the feature is available both on the Twitter app and in desktop browser, it is accessible wherever you are – provided you have an internet connection.

If you have a business, a Space might be useful for gathering feedback. Alternatively, you can just use it to hang out with friends.

Tips for using Twitter Spaces

  • Be respectful and considerate towards others in the conversation. Remember to follow the Twitter Rules – violations can result in being kicked off the app. 
  • Use the emoji reactions to engage and show support.
  • If you want to speak, raise your hand using the hand-raising feature.
  • Explore different Spaces to find interesting discussions. 
  • Report any abusive behavior or content to keep the Space safe for everyone.

What is Twitter Spaces? FAQs

Can I participate in a Twitter Space without speaking? 

Yes, you can participate in a Twitter Spaces session without speaking. Simply join the conversation and choose to mute your microphone. You can listen and enjoy the discussion without actively engaging in speaking.

What is Twitter Spaces? Conclusion

Twitter Spaces is an exciting feature that brings live audio conversations to the Twitter social media platform. It offers a new way to connect, engage, and share ideas with others through social audio in real-time. So, why not join a Space and start your conversations today?

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