How To Get Discord Nitro For Free

How to get Discord Nitro for free. A complete list of genuine ways to get Discord Nitro for free with no hacks or cheat methods.

How To Get Discord Nitro For Free (2)

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Discord Nitro unlocks a number of exciting features on Discord, including server upgrades, custom emojis, animated avatars, bigger file uploads, and more.

Nitro enhances the overall experience on Discord but, unfortunately, it is a paid monthly or yearly subscription that not everyone can afford.

If you want to get Discord Nitro for free, however, this guide has you covered.

It’s important to mention that this guide does not include hacks or cheat methods to get Discord Nitro for free. The following methods are authentic, genuine ways to get Discord Nitro for free without having to spend.

So, with that said, keep reading below to find how to get Discord Nitro for free.

What Is Discord Nitro?

Discord Nitro is a paid membership subscription for Discord that upgrades the overall experience. It can be paid as a monthly or yearly plan, with the latter providing a slight discount.

Discord Nitro unlocks the full experience on Discord, which includes a number of upgrades, perks, and ways to customize your Discord profile and any Discord servers that you have created.

Summarized, Discord Nitro includes:

  • custom emojis (server emojis)
  • Nitro Stickers
  • custom name tag
  • animated (GIF) avatars
  • profile badges
  • 2 server boosts and a discount for subsequent boosts
  • larger file uploads
  • HD video
  • longer messages (up to 4000 characters)
  • double the number of servers you can be a part of

Discord Nitro vs Nitro Classic

Nitro Classic is another paid subscription for Discord that offers fewer features than Discord Nitro at a lower monthly or yearly cost.

Discord Nitro Classic includes a custom name tag, animated avatar (GIF avatar), profile badge, custom emojis (server emojis), upload limit increase to 50 MB, HD screen share, and a discount for server boosts.

The main difference between Nitro and Nitro Classic is that Nitro Classic does not include 2 free server boosts, Nitro Stickers, longer messages of up to 4000 characters, 100 MB upload size, and extra servers.


Nitro Gifting

The first and main way to get Discord Nitro for free is to receive Nitro through Nitro Gifting.

Nitro Gifting is a way to get Nitro for free by having it given to you as a gift. This is an official service offered by Discord, which can be done within Discord itself.

Discord Nitro can be gifted as a one-month plan or one-year plan at the same price as a Discord Nitro subscription.

Nitro Gifting

So, if you want Discord Nitro for free, there is nothing wrong with asking for it as a birthday or Christmas gift!


Nitro Giveaways

Nitro giveaways are another way you can get Discord Nitro for free, although it is not guaranteed.

Many Discord servers offer free Nitro giveaways by joining the server and completing a few requirements.

These servers often promote a service or host competitions that you can enter to win the chance to get Nitro for free for a certain amount of time.

Nitro Giveaways

Of course, it is important to be wary of the legitimacy of any Nitro giveaway before you complete any requirements or opt-in to anything. As a general rule, never give away details that you are not comfortable with providing.



You can also get Discord Nitro for free with some promotions offered by famous companies. You might have to pay for a service as a result, but you are still getting Nitro for free as a bonus or freebie.

For example, 3 months of Discord Nitro was offered for free by Epic Games (the creators of Fortnite) and YouTube Premium in 2021 by being a subscriber of their service.


So, it’s worth looking around to see if there are any Discord Nitro promotions available. With all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions, Discord Nitro is free for 3 months if availed before April 26, 2022.


The above methods are the three main ways you can get Discord Nitro for free – genuinely and legitimately. If, however, you think you will enjoy and benefit from the upgrades and perks that Nitro offers, it’s well worth subscribing to Nitro to get the full Discord experience.

Remember that Discord Nitro is cheaper when you pay for it yearly as opposed to monthly. So, if budget is a concern, consider saving money in the long run by subscribing to a yearly Discord Nitro plan.