RTX 4070 release date prediction

Our predictions on the upcoming RTX 4070

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All eyes are on Nvidia, at the moment, for the release of the upcoming RTX 4070. Unfortunately, right now, we don’t have an official release date or any leak that can give us a more accurate idea about it.

Nevertheless, following the release of the RTX 4070 Ti, we can confidently state that the 4070 release is close. The RTX 4070 will be released in Q1 of 2023, around February to March.

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Since Nvidia released the 4090 and 4080, the 40-series has been floating in a path of leaks and tiny mistakes. They first revealed two RTX 4080s, the one we saw released as a 4080 and a dimmed-down version that looks more like a 4070. This is the reason why they canceled the launch and renamed it the RTX 4070 Ti.

And now that we have the 4070 Ti on the market, it is only a matter of time to see the non-Ti version hit the floor. And following that one, we should hopefully see the 4060, 4050, and even 4050 Ti.

Will the 4070 be better than the 3090?

The RTX 3090 was the flagship GPU from the previous Nvidia series. That GPU was built to support 4K gaming and the most demanding productive load at the time. Technology has advanced a lot, up to the point where the newly released 4070 Ti can compete with the 3090.

However, the story might be a bit different for the not-yet-released RTX 4070. This GPU will be the mid-range Nvidia unit for excellence, aiming for solely 1440p and 1080p gaming; and although it might be able to perform in 4K gaming thanks to its great DLSS technology, we don’t think it will be strong competition for the RTX 3090, although the price might be very appealing.

Another aspect that we can predict about the RTX 4070 is the price. Although Nvidia is not the best brand at pricing its GPUs, if we followed the trend in price drops, starting with the 4090, 4080, and now the 4070 Ti, we can make an educated guess that the RTX 4070 might cost around $599-649.

RTX 4090$1,599.00
RTX 4080$1199.00
RTX 4070 Ti$799.00
RTX 4070$599.00?