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AirPlay Not Working – fixes and solutions

Reviewed By: Kevin Pocock

Last Updated on August 4, 2023
AirPlay Not Working
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AirPlay not working? from Apple gives Apple users the perfect opportunity to wirelessly stream content from their Apple device through their speaker or TV. While AirPlay normally works wonders without any hiccups, like any piece of technology, it isn’t uncommon for things to go wrong.

If your AirPlay isn’t working, we can help you out. Today, in this post, we are going to show you how you can fix AirPlay if it is freezing, lagging, or not working at all. If you’re experiencing any of these issues with your iPhone, Mac, Apple TV, or iPad, don’t go anywhere. Let’s get straight into it!

Quick Fix

If you don’t have time to make your way through our post and need the best fixes quickly, try some methods below.

  • Ensure all your devices are turned on, close to each other, and not in sleep mode.
  • You could always try connecting your devices to the same network.
  • Make sure your devices have all the latest updates.
  • Check if AirPlay has been accidentally restricted or blocked by a Firewall, or Content and Privacy Restrictions.
  • Restart all of your devices. If this doesn’t work, try updating your router too.

What Is Apple AirPlay And How Can We Use It?

For those that don’t know, AirPlay is a software that allows Apple users to stream content from their Apple devices to a television or speaker. We can only use AirPlay with Apple products and devices that are AirPlay capable.

Once AirPlay has been activated, your TV will mirror exactly what is on the device you are playing from. All you need to use AirPlay is your Apple device, whether it be Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV, and a Wi-Fi connection.

You will then be greeted with the AirPlay connection option every time you use different apps such as Music, TV, YouTube, Videos, Photos, and Safari. When the icon is visible, simply select the device you want to stream through and the content you want to send.

Below we’ll go through


How To Fix Your AirPlay Problems

It isn’t uncommon to experience issues when trying to use AirPlay. Luckily though, almost every problem you might encounter is easily solved. Below you will find various troubleshooting tips that should help you fix any AirPlay problems you’re having.



Toggle Bluetooth

Turn Bluetooth off and back on again. You can do this easily from the Control Center.

Alternatively, head to SETTINGS > GENERAL > BLUETOOTH and then knock it off.



Toggle WiFi

Turn your Wi-Fi off and on again.

This can again be found in the SETTINGS and GENERAL section on your iOS device.



WiFi firmware

Is your Wi-Fi firmware updated? If not, this could be why your AirPlay isn’t working.



Check correct network

You should ensure that your AirPlay device and Apple device are both connected to the same network.



Check your Apple TV for updates



Restart router

Restarting your router could fix any connectivity issues.



Check device updates

By accessing the Software Update section of your iOS device, you can ensure your device is completely up-to-date.



Restart all devices

Restart all of your devices. To do this, you will probably have to disconnect the power.



Use one device

Only use one device to stream. If two devices are trying to AirPlay at once, this will cause problems.



Check for interfering apps

Uninstalling any apps that do a similar thing to AirPlay could work. Apps like Duet that do the same thing, often interfere.



Check restrictions

Making sure there are no restrictions can help enable AirPlay once more.



Troubleshooting AirPlay On Your Mac

If you are having trouble getting your AirPlay to work with your Mac, you might need to carry out some of these additional steps too.



Stop Your Firewall From Restricting AirPlay

Your Firewall could actually be blocking AirPlay which could be why it isn’t connecting to your other devices. To fix this problem, head to PREFERENCES, look for SECURITY & PRIVACY, then click on FIREWALL.

When you get there, click on the small padlock before entering your admin password. This will let you make changes. You can then open FIREWALL OPTIONS. Once this has been done, ensure the section that says “Block all incoming connections” is turned off.



Turn Your Mac Off

The next step is to turn your Mac off. Do this by holding the power button down.



Restart The Mac

You can now restart the Mac. As you restart the Mac you will want to also reset your PRAM and NVRAM. To do this hold OPTION+COMMAND+P+R as you reset the Mac.

You will need to hold these keys down for approximately 20 seconds, or until the startup chime sound can be heard. This will reset your temporary settings such as startup disk, display resolution, and volume, which should now help the AirPlay work correctly again.

Final Thoughts

In this short post, we have shown you the different things you can do to try and fix your AirPlay. While it can be very frustrating when AirPlay doesn’t work, as you can see from our troubleshooting fixes, sorting the problem out isn’t that difficult.

Now you have these fixes at your disposal, start trying the methods out and see which one fixes your AirPlay.

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