Dev Error 6034 Xbox One fix

Struggling with the Dev error 6034? Discover different tricks to try to clear the 6034 error on Xbox One.

Dev Error 6034 Xbox One

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Xbox errors are common and can be caused by outdated or conflicting add-ons or data packs of Modern Warfare that have been preinstalled on the console.

Furthermore, if the installation is corrupt is another reason for the error. The error often pops up when users try to start the game initially.


How To Fix Dev Error 6034 Xbox One

The error usually occurs on any modern warfare map, not just a specific one. Before trying to find alternative solutions make sure that the game files of Modern Wars are stored between two storages.

If this is the case, then you should check if shifting the files to a different storage to find out if it fixes the error.




Modern warfare often shows the dev error 604 on Xbox if the cache is corrupted. Emptying the Xbox cache may fix this so try this as the first attempt.

Try pressing the Xbox power button and shut it down completely. Next, disconnect the power cable from the Xbox and socket and wait for 60 seconds.

Unplug the cable from the back end of the Xbox. Plug the power cable to the back side of the Xbox and socket. Wait for the white indicator light on your Xbox One console to change to orange before powering on the console.

If this doesn’t work, try waiting until the orange light appears. Then turn on the console. Wait for the console to start up. If the error message still appears, you should probably contact Microsoft Customer Service.



Clear Reserved Space

The reserved space part of the Xbox is there to store updates and patches of the Modern Warfare game. If you attempt to clear the reserved space of the game it may fix the Dev error.

Click on MW and click on Options button for the menu. Now click on Add-ons and manage games.

Next you need to locate the tab that’s called saved data and open RS. Game Vault Files are located in the Saved Data Tab. Delete them and then restart your console.



DNS Settings

Non-optimum or incorrect configuration of DNS settings can often cause the game to pause or crash. Try moving the DNS to Google DNS or open DNS to see if this fixes the problem. Press the Xbox button on the controller and select Settings.

Open the Settings of Xbox. Open up the Settings tab and choose Network. Open Network in the Xbox Settings and then open Advance Network Settings.

Select Manually and enter the primary/secondary values into the boxes as shown below. Open Manually DNS Settings of Xbox.You can use “or” to combine two or more commands into one command.



Manage Add-ons

Uninstalling all the data from the game pack or add-on should fix the problem. If you’re asked to buy the game again, make sure to clear your MAC address before starting up the console. You should remove the following data packs:

  • Call of Duty Modern Warfare MP3 9.1 gb
  • Call of Duty Modern Warfare Multiplayer 3 3.4 gb

If you continue to experience this problem, please contact Microsoft Customer Service.If the multiplayer pack does not work correctly due to an update you should try removing the multiplayer pack and reinstall it again.




If the error continues you may need to reinstall the game. Backup your important data before doing this. Go to the Games menu and select Modern Warfare. Press Menu and select Uninstall.

Then, select Uninstall All to confirm the uninstallation of Modern Warfare and let the uninstallation process complete.

Once the reinstallation is completed, reboot your console, and when you boot up again, re-install the Modern Warfare game, but only install these files:

  • Modern Warfare Base Game multiplayer 2 22.2
  • Multiplayer 6.0 gb
  • Multiplayer and Special Ops 6.8 gb
  • Launch the game and check if an error 6034 is cleared.



Reset Defaults

If the issue is still there after resetting the console, then the error may come from the corrupted OS of the Xbox, so resetting the console may clear the error. Make sure to back up the essential data before doing this step.

Open Settings of the Xbox One and select System. Now open Console Info and select Reset Console. Open Reset Console of Xbox. Select Reset and Keep My Games & App. Confirm to reset the console. Open Reset Console of Xbox.

After the console is reset to default settings, reinstall Modern Warfare game and hope it is clear of the error 6034. You must reset your Xbox before you can continue playing.


There are lots of things to try to clear the 6034 error however, if none of the above work then contact customer services for further assistance.

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