Reset Xfinity Remote

If your Xfinity remote is unresponsive or you’ve just changed the batteries, then you will need to reset it - but how?

Reset Xfinity Remote

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The Xfinity X1 entertainment system has been a popular system for a while now and more and more homes are using it as their digital cable company for their TVs.

However, a reported problem that has cropped up again and again is that some customers have found that their Xfinity remote controls have stopped working or have become unresponsive.

They’ve tried replacing the battery, giving the remote a good whack to try and get it work – but nothing.

However, the solution that may just do the trick is that you need to reset your Xfinity remote.

When To Reset Your Xfinity Remote

We mentioned earlier that you can reset your Xfinity remote when it becomes unresponsive and see if this is all that is needed for it to wake back up and get back to work.

However, you may often need to reset your Xfinity remote after changing the batteries in it. This is annoying because it means that you have to factory reset and resync your Xfinity remote every single time its batteries die, but luckily this process is very quick and easy to do.

To check if your Xfinity remote is being unresponsive due to its batteries, then hold down the unresponsive button of your Xfinity remote. If the LED light does not blink at all, then it means that the batteries in your Xfinity remote have died.

If the LED blinks five times in a red color, then your batteries are dying and it’s time to start looking for some replacements.


How To Reset Your Xfinity Remote

Resetting your Xfinity remote control is super easy and only takes a few steps.



Find The Setup Button

First, you will need to find the Setup button on your Xfinity remote. Because different models of the remote control have different buttons in different areas, you will need to consult the manual of your Xfinity remote control to find its location on your remote.



Press And Hold

Once you have located it, you will need to press it and hold it down until the color of the LED light turns from green to red



Press 9, 8, 1

Then press the number 9, the number 8, and then the number 1 to completely reset your Xfinity remote. The LED light will then blink twice in green to symbolize this.



Hold Down The A And D Buttons

However, not all Xfinity remote controls come with a Setup button. If this is the case for your Xfinity remote, then you will need to hold down the A and D buttons (wherever they may be on your Xfinity remote control) until the LED light turns from green to red.

Then press the number 9, the number 8 and then the number 1. This will make the LED light blink twice in green and reset your Xfinity remote.



Back To Normal

After this, your Xfinity remote should come back to life and revert back to normal. It will be just like new, but this means that it will also have lost any settings you have made to it. It will also need to be resynced to your television and Xfinity box to be fully functional again.

Resetting Vs Resyncing

It’s important to note that resetting your Xfinity remote is not the same as resyncing it to your Xfinity box. This is a common mistake a lot of Xfinity box owners make.

When they want to pair a new remote to a different Xfinity box, they think that resetting the remote will make it sync up to the closest Xfinity box. Alternatively, they think that resetting their Xfinity controller will get it work again when the real issue is that the Xfinity remote is not synched up to the box.

So, if your Xfinity remote is still unresponsive even after resetting it, perhaps you will need to resync it to your television and Xfinity box instead.

To do this, you need to locate the microphone button on your Xfinity remote and then use the voice command to say “Program remote.” Where the microphone button is located on your Xfinity remote all depends on which model you have.

Some models of Xfinity remote may not even have a microphone button or voice command features. If this is the case for you, then press the A button on your Xfinity remote and then choose the Remote Settings option.


And that is how you reset your Xfinity remote!

Remember to resync your remote to its Xfinity box every time you change its batteries and have to reset it. Then, you go back to watching your TV in peace.

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