43 ‘very dangerous’ apps Android users need to delete right now

Make sure to remove these apps from your Android smartphone as soon as possible!

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From malware-laced software to ones whose developers threaten you outright, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of 43 very dangerous Android apps that users need to delete right now. Before we list these potentially life-compromising programs, don’t worry; this compilation doesn’t include common everyday apps you use the most. Nevertheless, we’d still recommend checking in case you were somehow duped into downloading one via an intrusive pop-up ad that just wouldn’t go away.

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43 dangerous Android apps list

Here are the ‘very dangerous’ Android apps you need to delete from your smartphone immediately:

  1. 3D Skin Editor for PE Minecraft
  2. 4S Cash
  3. AA Kredit
  4. Amor Kash
  5. Astrological Navigator: Daily Horoscope & Tarot
  6. Auto Click Repeater
  7. Cartera grande
  8. Cashwow
  9. Chit Chat
  10. Count Easy Calorie Calculator
  11. CrediBus
  12. EasyCredit
  13. EasyCash
  14. Essential Horoscope for Android
  15. Finupp Lending
  16. FlashLoan
  17. GlowChat
  18. Go Crédito
  19. GuayabaCash
  20. Hello Chat
  21. Instantáneo Préstamo
  22. Let’s Chat
  23. LetterLink
  24. Logo Maker Pro
  25. MeetMe
  26. Nidus
  27. Nio Nio
  29. PréstamosCrédito
  30. Préstamos De Crédito-YumiCash
  31. Privee Talk
  32. Quick Chat
  33. Rafaqat News
  34. Rápido Crédito
  35. Sound Volume Booster (com.devapps.soundvolumebooster)
  36. Sound Volume Extender (com.muranogames.easyworkoutsathome)
  37. Step Keeper: Easy Pedometer
  38. TikTalk
  39. Track Your Sleep
  40. TrueNaira
  41. Universal Calculator (com.Potap64.universalcalculator)
  42. Wave Chat
  43. YohooTalk

According to Forbes, cybersecurity company ESET has divided these apps into three categories: VajraSpy, SpyLoan, and Xamalicious. Each category is based on the malicious code an app has. For instance, VajraSpy includes espionage apps that can steal contacts, files, call logs, and SMS messages, among others. Conversely, SpyLoan apps are designed to steal bank account information, messages, and contacts. Finally, Xamalicious software, typically disguised as innocent health or horoscope apps, enables these programs to take control of certain device features.

Though Google has since removed most from the Play Store, according to security software company McAfee, some remain publicly available. Now, it’s likely that you haven’t downloaded any of these apps, especially if you only use typical programs like Instagram, TikTok, or Snapchat. But it definitely wouldn’t hurt to check, particularly since these types of software are potentially life-ruining.

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