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Apparently the Apple OLED iPad Pro isn’t coming this month after all

Last Updated on March 21, 2024
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Recent leaks have given fans anticipating the upcoming iPad Pro with OLED screens hope that the release is coming just later this March. While nothing concrete has been given, many users were looking forward to the date. However, a new rumor has surfaced, claiming that the OLED iPad Pro isn’t coming this month at all.

Mark Gurin, the chief correspondent for Apple, tech, and devices at Bloomberg, recently refuted the rumor that the OLED iPad Pro is coming on March 26. On Twitter, he simply posted “not true” in response to MacRumors.com. Unfortunately, no other information was given. This leaves the date for when fans will see the OLED iPad Pro come to shelves still up in the air.

March 26 won’t be when the Apple OLED iPad Pro releases after all according to leaks

While Gurman has stated (albeit vaguely) that Apple could be revealing new products in late March or early April, it won’t be with an event like previously speculated. Once again, the exact date for this unveiling is unknown as well. We’ll just have to be patient for new info to come.

While Apple has always been consistent with iPad releases, a new model was not announced last year. This puts a wider gap between releases, which isn’t great for Apple. Especially since the iPad saw a decrease in annual revenue of 10%. However, Gurman has suggested that Apple is working on a variant of iPadOS 17.4. The wait for the OLED iPad Pro may be due to this updated OS.

However, nothing is set in stone. While March 26 may not be the date for the OLED iPad Pro, there’s still hope for early April. The next line of Apple iPad Pros will be set apart from the budget lines with the OLED screen and the variant OS. It’s also still unknown why the delay may be happening, whether due to supply chain issues or with more time needed to develop the technology used in it. Until then, fans will just have to hold their breath.

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