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Bigger isn’t always better says Nvidia as they launch new initiative to help out SFF PC builders

Some standardization for small form factor builds
Last Updated on April 17, 2024
Bigger isn't always better says Nvidia as they launch new initiative to help out SFF PC builders
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It is evident that some of the best graphics cards on the market have only been getting bigger over the past few generations, which leaves SFF (small form factor) PC builders with a dilemma if they want a compact build that packs a punch. However, Nvidia now wants to create an ecosystem which brings their partners together to cater for SFF builds, chiefly driven by what they call ‘SFF Enthusiast GeForce’ GPUs.

There are some great GPUs that’ll fit in your small form factor case on the market, but nothing really too high end. Looking at our best low profile GPU guide will show you that the more low-mid range RTX 4060 is currently best in class.

Nvidia helps out small form factor PC builders with new initiative

One of the first places to report on this is Wccftech, and they explain Nvidia’s goal is to create better guidelines for hardware manufacturers to cater for SFF PCs. Right now, it often requires a bit of DIY in order to get a build that works well for you. By bringing a more standardized approach to this that is clearly labeled, maybe more people will feel like a small form factor build is for them.

SFF PCs are great for saving space, and many people love them just for their creativity or aesthetic. It doesn’t come without its downsides though. Aside from finding the right components, there’s also a bigger emphasis on cooling and airflow management.

Reportedly, this initiative is not just exclusive to GPUs – it also relates to other components such as cases or PSUs. All of this together should create a better market for SFF builders, backed by a giant like Nvidia. Nvidia say that these new guidelines will provide dimensions and clearances between enthusiast graphics cards and SFF chassis, “creating a standard for AIC and chassis manufacturers”.

A custom-built pc with green lighting inside a transparent case, displayed on a workbench in a workshop with tools hanging on the wall.
Image source: Nvidia via Wccftech

Which GPUs will be suitable for SFF?

So, we imagine that both micro-ATX and the even smaller mini-ITX standard should be benefitting from this new program, but there of course has to be some limitations for these different motherboard sizes. Nvidia aren’t actually building compact GPUs of their own, instead simply creating the guidelines to aid partners to do so.

These guidelines will make it easier to identify SFF-friendly components as they’ll carry the ‘SFF Enthusiast’ label. Existing graphics cards will also be eligible, so we expect to see RTX 4060 and 4060 Ti SKUs included to kick things off.

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