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Budget Google Pixel 8a may not be budget-friendly anymore, according to recent leaks

Last Updated on March 6, 2024
A Google Pixel 8a leak reveals a smartphone with a peach-colored back case, a dual camera setup, alongside a front view displaying its screen and wallpaper of mountains.
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If you’re a fan of powerful smartphones on a budget, you’re likely a fan of the Google Pixel series – budget-friendly alternatives to Google’s flagship models. Unfortunately, a new leak, which reports that the Google Pixel 8a is on its way, also revealed a big change that might not be so pleasing to fans – it’s arriving at a much higher price.

The leak comes from WinFuture, who says German retailers are allegedly planning to retail the Google Pixel 8a at two different storage configurations. These models will reportedly start higher than €569.90, a big markup from the Google Pixel 7a, which started at €499. The lowest storage configuration is expected to be the same as the 7a, which will be 128GB. The other storage capacity, 256GB, is rumored to be even more costly at around 630 euros.

Google Pixel 8a will reportedly see a price hike from previous models

Along with price hikes, WinFuture also reported that the line will be equipped with Google Tensor G3 octa-core SoC, and 8GB of RAM installed. This is an upgrade from the Google Tensor G2 system-on-chip, though the amount of RAM remains the same.

In addition, the leak suggests that users will be able to choose from four colors: Obsidian, Porcelain, Bay, and Mint. The smartphone will also receive a much rounder design compared to the current Google Pixel 7a. While new colors might not excite those interested in software changes, they will, at least, appeal to casual users. However, there’s no telling if the price increase will deter them.

Budget models have always remained popular, as many struggle to pay the steep cost of premium smartphones. By continuing to increase the price of more affordable models, this strategy could backfire. The line is specifically designed to sell Google Pixel phones to customers looking for a cheaper alternative. If it becomes too expensive, users will simply switch to a different budget line. Only time will tell if the increased storage will be enough to entice Google Pixel fans to stay within the series.

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