ChatGPT could change your job trajectory, fans explain

ChatGPT has helped many land their next job

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We’ve all been there. Applying for jobs can be a long and laborious task. Online advice recommends customizing your resume and cover letter for each application. You should carefully match your skills with those mentioned in the job description to increase your chances of success. But, what happens when this doesn’t work?

Sadly, this is not uncommon. Difficulty finding a job happens all the time. But with the introduction of numerous AI tools launching into the public domain, it seems as though the dark days are over.

Recently many fans of ChatGPT have been leveraging its incredible capabilities in an attempt to bag themselves their next job. Reddit user u/Thermonuclear_Nut reveals their recent interaction with the chatbot, praising it for their recent career success.

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During their conversation, the user seems to leverage GPT-4’s natural language processing abilities. Cleverly, they fed the model the description of the job they were interested in and a current resume. Thermonuclear_Nut then used their tried and tested method, to prompt ChatGPT to generate a tailor-made cover letter and CV. Summarising the process in the following steps:

  1. Read the job description, research the company, and decide if it’s actually a good fit.
  2. Copy & paste:
    • ” I’m going to show you a job description, my resume, and a cover letter. I want you to use the job description to change the resume and cover letter to match the job description.”
    • Job description
    • Resume/CV
    • Generic cover letter detailing career goals
  3. Take the output, treat it as a rough draft, manually polish, and look for hallucinations.
  4. Copy & paste:
    • “I’m going to show you the job description and my resume/cover letter and give general feedback.”
    • The polished resume/cover letter
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until satisfied with the final product.

Interestingly, this seemed to work. Previously only receiving one interview invite for every six job applications, this Reddit user has now received seven callbacks after twelve ChatGPT-inspired applications.

This could be the heaven-sent solution for many applicants, helping thousands of fans struggling to get on the career ladder. Some users even suggest that it could completely revolutionize their career trajectory.

ChatGPT-generated resumes and cover letters

Many Reddit fans chimed in with their opinions on Thermonuclear_Nut’s recent ChatGPT discovery. A common occurrence that users seem to experience is hallucinations – a phenomenon that occurs when AI starts fabricating information and passing it off as fact.

To mitigate against this predictable behavior, some suggest altering your prompts to encourage ChatGPT to return to you, to seek more information. Reddit user u/pukhalapuka kindly drops their most-used prompt to solve this issue – “ask me questions until u have enough info”.

There are many dangers when relying on AI language models like ChatGPT to generate your resume and cover letter. As highlighted by a few users in the thread, sharing personal and private information with the AI bot is a big no-no. In order to protect your identity and sensitive details we don’t recommend sharing anything private.

Final Thoughts

So, will you use ChatGPT the next time you make a job application? If you’re interested in learning more you can find the full Reddit thread here. Also be sure to check out our article, Can ChatGPT do my CV next.