Is Google Trends down? Latest info on issues

It appears that trend data is hard to find right now

Is Google Trends down

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Is Google Trends down? While the website is up, it certainly seems that there are issues with using it at the moment. As of the time of writing on Monday, January 15, Google Trends appeared to not be able to help users find…well, trends or anything. Instead a simple ‘oops something went wrong’ error seems to be the only response to user inquiries.

Google Trends down?

Google Trends going down isn’t a common affair, and regular site status checkers like downdetector, don’t seem to be aware that there are issues. But there are – just check out the screenshot below. We’ve tried various ways to get Google Trends to help show us trends this morning and it seems that it just won’t play ball.

A screenshot showing the Google Trends page.
A screenshot showing the Google Trends page not working

Quite why Google Trends appears to be down, or at least not working, isn’t clear. There’s been no official word from Google, and that’s not uncommon for companies where there is a blip that prevents a service from working correctly. There may be any number of reasons why it may be having issues. Data ingest problems, server-side hiccups, and many other causes. But the honest answer is we just don’t know why trends are in the either but not on the site.

When will Google Trends be back?

Again, unfortunately, we don’t know. We wish we did, but it appears the best thing to do is to wait and assume the service will resume. Whether or not Google will comment on the issue itself remains to be seen. But for now yep, Google Trends is down (or at least the site isn’t playing ball), and there’s no clear word on when the ‘oops something went wrong’ issue will be replaced by the actual trends or trend data you’re looking for. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before the site returns to regular functionality.

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