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Intel Lunar Lake falls behind Meteor Lake in multi-core, despite single-core performance boost

More leaks about Lunar Lake
Last Updated on June 27, 2024
Intel Lunar Lake marketing graphic, image source: Intel
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Intel’s upcoming Lunar Lake processor series is setting itself apart with a focus on powerful single-core performance for low-power devices like laptops and tablets. Benchmarks leaked online reveal that Lunar Lake might not be the strongest overall contender, as it prioritizes efficiency over raw power, making it a compelling option for mobile users.

Benchmark leaks

The leaked benchmarks showcase Lunar Lake’s proficiency in single-core tasks. In tests, the Lunar Lake Ultra 7 268V chip achieved an average score of 2,713, surpassing the Meteor Lake Core Ultra 7 single-core score of 2,502. However, when it comes to multi-core performance, Lunar Lake falls behind with a score of 10,036 compared to Meteor Lake’s 12,545.

Leaked Benchmark Results for Lunar Lake – Image Source: Benchleaks

Multi-core problem

This trade-off is intentional. Unlike Meteor Lake, Lunar Lake prioritizes power efficiency, making it ideal for thin and light laptops and tablets that crave extended battery life. Intel reserves the high-performance crown for its Arrow Lake series for desktop PCs. Although Lunar Lake’s multi-core performance might seem underwhelming at first glance, it’s crucial to consider its focus on low power consumption. Even with a lower multi-core score, Lunar Lake represents a significant leap forward in efficiency for mobile devices.

It’s important to remember that leaked benchmarks are not always the final picture. Manufacturers often release updates and patches that can improve performance before a product hits the market. Therefore, we’ll need to wait for official benchmarks and real-world testing in devices expected to launch around mid-September to get a real idea of Lunar Lake’s capabilities.

Intel’s Lunar Lake series appears to be a promising development for users who prioritize portability and battery life. While it might not be the strongest multi-core performer, its impressive single-core efficiency makes it a compelling choice for those who value long unplugged sessions on their laptops and tablets. 

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