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Nvidia introduces its biggest update to Global Illumination Ray Tracing yet with RTXGI 2.0

Last Updated on March 20, 2024
Comparison of graphics in a video game scene with and without the Nvidia Ray Tracing update enabled.
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The latest update for the RTX Global Illumination SDK, or RTXGI, is finally here. Shown off at GDC 2024, this 2.0 update brings plenty of new technology, including a range of tech that’s been expected for years now. This is one of the biggest updates Nvidia has ever brought with its ray tracing.

Three new featured technologies are coming to RTXGI, courtesy of Nvidia. This includes NRC, or Neural Radiance Cache, SHaRC, or Spatial Hash Radiance Cache, and DDGI, or Dynamic Diffuse Global Illumination. All of these features work together to create a more advanced graphics experience. These new technologies have been teased for a while now, and now users can experience just how advanced these updates are.

The Nvidia RTXGI 2.0 brings tons of new features to make graphics better

Let’s break down each one. NRC is an AI-powered algorithm that’s able to train the radiance cache about a scene in real time. It doesn’t make any assumptions about lighting, geometry, or materials. With this algorithm, you’ll not only get improved performance but also more accurate global illumination in even the most demanding scenes.

SHaRC gives you a fast and scalable global illumination technique for path tracing. This is done by a radiance cache that’s built on a spatial hash data structure. While similar to NRC, it doesn’t use any neural network. You’ll get better lighting without a weardown on performance. Finally, DDGI is able to deliver multi-bounce indirect lighting through a scalable probe-based solution. This is all done without light baking or offline lightmaps.

This new update is one the biggest for Global Illumination Ray Tracing ever. Nvidia is enjoying a period of unprecedented growth, making huge strides in ray tracing and path tracing for visuals. With this 2.0 update, there’s seemingly nothing that can stop them. Nvidia is at the forefront when it comes to graphics, and gamers are reaping the benefits of all the incredible tech being released. We can’t wait to see what Nvidia pulls out next.

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