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This genius Raspberry Pi wristwatch could give the Apple Watch a run for its money

Last Updated on April 10, 2024
A Raspberry Pi wristwatch displaying a circuit board design with the Raspberry Pi logo on a blue and purple gradient background.
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Although today’s smartwatch market offers a wide array of models that include the most modern features, looking through each can become monotonous due to their similar designs. So, instead of wasting north of $500 on another Apple or Samsung Watch, why not build a more eye-catching alternative, like this Raspberry Pi wristwatch that one tech-savvy enthusiast created?

Now, this DIY wristwatch that Redditor Littlespleen created is, of course, built around a Raspberry Pi RP2040 microprocessor with a 28.5mm circular PCB serving as the watch face. However, instead of using typical clock hands to display the time, it uses different-colored LED lights as an indicator, with blue, green, and red representing hours, minutes, and seconds, respectively. In an additional YouTube clip they shared, they showed off their creation, with the red LED light steadily ticking around the watch face via the 60 total LEDs they placed around it.

Finished Raspberry Pi wristwatch

If you’re looking forward to seeing a more polished, finished product, you may have to wait a while. Raspberry Pi wristwatch maker Littlespleen noted that this was merely a “learning project,” so further development may take longer than usual as they attempt to figure out what works with their creation. However, they did give other enthusiasts a preview of what’s to come after saying they’ll “try to fit it within a steel case with the largest battery [they] can find” since the power-hungry, LED-bedecked device apparently runs out of juice quickly.

Of course, if you’re looking to build one yourself, you’ll need to get the best Raspberry Pi starter kit first so you’ll have all the necessities beforehand. Alternatively, you can check out the 5 best uses for the Raspberry Pi so you can create even more useful gadgets with the popular single-board computer.

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