Will Apple merge the iPhone 16 lineup with the iPhone SE? A questionable leak suggests it could

Two iPhone 16 models are shown next to each other.

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Nearly two years after Apple launched its third-generation iPhone SE, rumors centering on its more affordable lineup have surfaced. Though details remain scarce on the relatively budget-friendly smartphone alternative, this hasn’t stopped the tech rumor mill from swirling. Especially after the latest batch of leaks, speculation has reached a fever pitch after teasing a massive yet unconfirmed change to the model that involves the upcoming iPhone 16.

According to insider Majin Bu, Apple’s next leading smartphone, the iPhone 16, could reportedly merge with the SE lineup. Aside from a budget-friendly price tag, integrating the upcoming SE model into its mainline would also represent drastic design changes. This would include removing Touch ID for a fullscreen Face ID display and a decreased battery size. Surprisingly, it would also apparently introduce a significant camera downgrade. But, as always, you’ll need to take these rumors with a heaping amount of salt since they haven’t been confirmed.

The iPhone SE rumor mill swirls

Back in September 2023, tech news site MacRumors similarly reported that the fourth-gen iPhone SE would receive a remodel. Instead of being based on the upcoming iPhone 16, however, they’d stated that it would be derived from the iPhone 14’s base model. New features, like a USB-C port and an Action button, were also allegedly set to be introduced. But much like the recent leaks, these rumors were never confirmed. With this in mind, it’s unclear how much truth there was to these statements.

With the third-generation iPhone SE approaching its two-year anniversary, however, you may not have to wait too long to find out. Until then, check our page on whether we’ll get an iPhone 16 Ultra so you know what to expect. Alternatively, you can take a look at our Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra vs. Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max if you can’t decide which one to get.

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