iPhone 15 overheating concerns – what you need to know

How Apple resolved the overheating on the iPhone 15

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Since its release in September 2023, it has been reported that numerous iPhone 15 users have expressed concerns regarding an overheating issue in their newly purchased devices. It seems that despite a relatively successful launch, with Apple receiving much praise for the newest advancements in the latest upgrade, there has been some discussion surrounding the phone overheating to an abnormal level. In this article, we will outline users’ concerns, Apple’s response, and whether the issue has been resolved.

The addition of a battery-sharing function, superb camera quality, and advanced water-resistant features are among some of the newest elements that have made Apple’s flagship device quite the talked-about product. However, just days after its release the iPhone 15 received reports stating that users couldn’t comfortably hold their phones because it was becoming excessively hot – with some reviewers even sharing images of infrared thermometers showing the temperature of their phones reaching 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

For some users, it was observed that their phones were becoming extremely hot during simple tasks like using social media apps or streaming videos, while others reported the issues to be linked to charging. Obviously, this was a pretty alarming issue that Apple felt needed addressing.

iPhone 15 overheating concerns – Apple’s initial response

After numerous reports surrounding the iPhone 15 overheating, Apple responded by commenting on the problems that users had faced and even releasing a software update with iOS 17.0.3 to try to resolve the issue. Many speculated that the overheating issue could be related to the new titanium and aluminum frame or the new USB-C charging port. Apple combated these claims, stating that the external design of the product has nothing to do with overheating, on the contrary, the new titanium finish disperses heat more efficiently.

According to CNBC, Apple confirmed that the new iPhone 15 did have a tendency to overheat and that the issue was a combination of some apps not being properly configured, bugs in iOS, and an expected setup period that requires extra processing and heat generation.

iPhone 15 overheating concerns – Fixing the problem

On October 4th, 2023 Apple launched the new iOS 17.0.3 in an attempt to address the overheating issue many users had faced. According to Apple “This update provides important bug fixes, security updates, and addresses an issue that may cause iPhone to run warmer than expected”. Apple also stated that this update would not affect the performance of the A17 chip. Additionally, the company said they were working with the developers of the third-party apps to optimize them for the new phone and reduce excessive heat.

Furthermore, a slight temperature rise is to be expected when your phone is working overtime, for example, when you’re first setting up your phone and redownloading all your apps, photos, and music.

✓ Eve’s thoughts

Not sure? Take a break and check

I often get impatient with my phone whilst it’s working overtime and not functioning properly, but if issues such as overheating occur, it’s always good to take a break from it (potentially turn it off) and let it sit for a minute. Sometimes even a restart can help resolve issues.

Does the iPhone 15 have an overheating issue?

After the initial issues of overheating were addressed, Apple acknowledged that there was a problem concerning the iOS 17 software and some of the apps that users were using, and has since resolved it. Apple believes the issue to be fixed and there are seemingly no major reports that suggest otherwise. So, in theory, the iPhone 15 no longer has an overheating issue.

How do I stop my iPhone from overheating?

It is always good to take breaks from your phone when you’ve been using it for a while and can feel it becoming exceedingly hot. However, if you feel the temperature of your phone is abnormally hot it may be time to upgrade your iOS or have your device looked at by a professional. Apple periodically releases updates addressing performance concerns like overheating.

Final thoughts

As frustrating as it can be when your new piece of tech is presenting problems just after you’ve purchased it, it’s always good to voice these concerns in hopes that the supplier will resolve them. In this case, the iPhone 15 was reaching worryingly high temperatures for many users but, after reports were made, Apple found the fault in the product and resolved it. If you were worried about purchasing this product because of the overheating reports, you can rest assured knowing that the problem has been addressed.

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