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Zephyr’s new single-fan RTX 4070 GPU could be more effective than some dual-fan models

Zephyr's new single-fan GPU has a splash of Barbie pink.
Last Updated on June 17, 2024
Zephyr Target the ITX Market with New Single-Fan RTX 4070 GPU
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Chinese GPU manufacturer Zephyr has been on the forefront of top-end heatsinks for some time now, and their newest model seems to be doubling down on their airflow capabilities.

The latest addition to Zephyr’s range of RTX 40 series GPUs is a new ITX-based model of the non-Super 4070. As part of a lineup of new Zephyr graphics cards, this one caught the eye of Videocardz – mainly thanks to its small form factor and excellent heat dissipation qualities. A Videocardz report states that “the card is supposedly better at heat dissipation than some dual-fan models once the fan reaches 2400 RPM” – quite the statement if you ask us. The report does go on to say “it is not clear what is being compared here; presumably, it’s ZEPHYR’s own dual-fan design”.

(image source: Zephyr/Videocardz)

With dimensions of 172mm x 123mm x 42mm, this is an ideal GPU for smaller builds – even with the 4070 being replaced by default by the same-price 4070 Super.

Zephyr RTX 4070 ITX Release Date

Technically, this Zephyr ITX card is available now, but with a caveat. According to Zephyr, the card apparently already sold out within hours of release, but they are planning to have a new round of stock ready in the coming weeks. This next product launch will likely be mid-July 2024.

Zephyr RTX 4070 ITX: Key Features

Most prominent in this new Zephyr 4070 is the form factor: ITX GPUs are much more compact whilst still matching the specifications of their full-size counterparts. According to Zephyr’s benchmarking, this ITX model has no trouble reaching the 4070 performance standards despite it’s size.

Next up in terms of key features is the use of a single fan in the design. Zephyr claims that this unique cooling fan is actually better than some dual-fan units, once the fan spins up to 2400RPM. Though proper benchmarks against other GPUs will have to wait until the product is widely available, this would be an impressive selling point for the ITX card.

In terms of the more technical elements, the new ITX 4070 uses a custom PCB framework, with an 8-pin connector. With 12GB of GDDR6X virtual memory, you’ll be well-serviced for all your 4070 needs. However, if form factor isn’t an issue, then the newer RTX 4070 Super that released earlier this year is likely the better investment – which boosts nearly all specifications and has effectively replaced the non-Super models.

Speaking of design choices that aren’t for everyone, our first look at Zephyr’s new card also highlights the physical look of the GPU, which won’t be to everyone’s tastes. With a white primary color and a bright pink fan, along with pastel-hued detailing, it goes against the usual custom PC faire – though it is common among Zephyr GPUs. Hopefully we’ll see more varied models available come the next batch of stock.

Are 4070 GPUs worth it?

In most instances, it’s now not really worth buying a non-Super RTX 4070. The 4070, 4070 Ti and 4080 have all been supplemented with Super versions of their respective GPUs, all for similar or competitive prices. In instances such as this, where Zephyr’s new offering is an ITX GPU, concessions can be made. But for standard PCs, you might as well grab the “Super” moniker at no extra cost.

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