Should I buy a smart monitor?

They work by themselves or with other computer devices!

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Wondering whether you should buy a smart monitor?

It’s a decision many are weighing up at the moment. Smart monitors are some of the latest ‘smart’ technology hitting the market right now. They allow you to use the internet, apps and many other services, without the need for an external computer. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection, and you’ll be off.

This makes them a space-saving alternative if you just need the internet or light apps for work. However, you can also connect smart monitors to external computers or laptops if you need higher processing power.

They are also good choices if you want something for light gaming or streaming – you can use them as a smart TV. Plus, they’re pretty affordable, too. If you want to know more about smart monitors, read on.

Is a smart monitor right for me?

If you just need a device for internet use, light software or streaming, consider a smart monitor. They tend to have a refresh rate of around 60Hz, which makes them suitable for most low-level gaming. If you’re after something more powerful for gaming, a gaming laptop or gaming PC might be a better option.

They have a larger display than most laptops, so they’re great for when you need to focus or see a bigger screen. This makes them great for working.

There are some great smart monitors currently on the market. Consider the Samsung M50B 32″ LED FHD Smart Monitor, currently on sale for $249.99 at Best Buy. It comes with effortless streaming once connected to the internet, and the Workmode feature means you can quickly and easily remotely access another PC or connect to other Samsung devices. You can also access Office 365. Plus, it comes with AirPlay for simple connection to Apple devices.

PC Guide Expert Opinion

If you only need a screen for light office work or streaming, a smart monitor might be for you. It also is easily connected to a PC or laptop if you need more processing power!

They are also often a more affordable option than buying both a monitor and PC.