Is the OnePlus Open waterproof? No, not really

Does the OnePlus Open have waterproof protection?

Is the OnePlus Open waterproof? No, not really. Image shows the OnePlus Open in front of a water splash, on a light blue pink gradient background.

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OnePlus’s first foldable phone certainly made a splash on the smartphone market, but is the OnePlus Open waterproof? When you’re forking out a big investment for a high-end phone, let alone one that folds, long-term durability is always going to be a concern. That being said, OnePlus hasn’t exactly become reputable for having particularly heavy-duty and water-resistant devices as of yet. So, in this article, we’ll explore if the OnePlus Open is waterproof, taking a look at its IP rating as well as other water protection features provided by OnePlus.

Is the OnePlus Open waterproof?

With an Ingress Protection (IP) rating of IPX4, it can be said that the OnePlus Open is not fully waterproof. However, its ‘X4’ signifier does mean that despite not being able to withstand full immersion, it should be resistant to light splashes from all directions. In short, waterproof: no, but water-resistant: yes.

Understanding the IPX4 Rating

The OnePlus Open boasts an IPX4 rating, which provides a certain level of protection against splashes of water on the enclosure. While it does fall short of being fully waterproof like many other devices in its class, OnePlus has implemented dispersion features to help safeguard the internals and hinge mechanism from water damage.

Essentially, IP ratings are separated into two individual categories – dust and water resistance. The latter ranges from zero to eight, while the former just goes up to six. As you can probably expect, the lower the number the less capable it is of combatting the respective hazard. In the case of the OnePlus Open, its IPX4 rating means that it doesn’t qualify for dust resistance, whereas its water-resistance rating is a class 4.

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What does the ‘X’ stand for in IPX4?

As mentioned, IP ratings are marked for both dust and water ingress protection. The first ‘X’ signifies the dust protection, so in this case, the ‘X4’ means that the OnePlus Open doesn’t have a dust protection rating, and a water-resistant rating of 4.

Exploring the waterproof rating

The IPX4 rating of the OnePlus Open is a significant step forward for OnePlus, considering the company’s historical reluctance to assign official water-resistant ratings to its devices. Although the IPX4 rating may not be the highest available, it indicates that the OnePlus Open is resistant to splashing water from any direction. However, it’s obviously essential to note that the device is not designed to withstand submersion in water, exposure to heavy rain, or accidental drops in the toilet.

To put the IPX4 rating into perspective, let’s compare it to other smartphones on the market. The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, with its IP68 rating, offers complete protection against dust and can be immersed in more than a meter of fresh water. Similarly, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, with an IPX8 rating, also provides water submersion protection but lacks confirmed dust resistance. On a similar note, the Google Pixel Fold also has an IPX8 rating, meaning it can be immersed in up to one meter of water but isn’t really protected against dust either.

Enhanced water protection features

Despite the IPX4 rating, OnePlus has implemented additional features to disperse moisture and enhance the OnePlus Open’s resistance to water damage. The company has applied dispersive waterproof protection to critical components within the device, preventing water from reaching the core internal structure. Additionally, the device’s hinge mechanism also incorporates drainage holes on both sides of the spindle to ensure that water exits the device rather than pooling inside.

While these features offer some level of protection, it’s still advisable to avoid exposing the OnePlus Open to water whenever possible. However, if the device does get slightly wet, the additional water protection measures should provide you with some level of reassurance. Nevertheless, caution should always be exercised, and it’s best to steer clear of water-related activities with the OnePlus Open.

Wrapping up

In summary, the OnePlus Open has an IPX4 rating, protecting against light splashes of water on its main surfaces. While it might not be fully waterproof, OnePlus has made sure to implement dispersion features and additional water protection measures to minimize the risk of water damage for its foldable device.

However, it’s crucial to exercise caution and generally avoid exposing the device to water whenever possible. If waterproofing is a priority, exploring alternatives with higher waterproof ratings may be a wise decision for you to look into. As the OnePlus Open makes its mark in the foldable smartphone market, its waterproof capabilities will continue to be a subject of interest.

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