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What channel is Nickelodeon on Spectrum? Updated for 2024

Here's the channel number of Nickelodeon on Spectrum.
Last Updated on March 6, 2024
Which channel is Nickelodeon on Spectrum?
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Can’t figure out what channel is Nickelodeon on Spectrum? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Nickelodeon is an extremely popular channel that can be found with almost every major cable provider, including Spectrum. It was ranked the 39th most-watched channel in the US last year, and its popularity isn’t expected to drop anytime soon. In terms of its channel number on Spectrum, it depends on the city you live in. For instance, if you’re in Austin, you can find Nickelodeon on channel 41. But if you’re in Los Angeles, you’ll have to switch to channel 56. In short, it is different for every city.

To help you tune in quickly, we’ll let you know what channel Nickelodeon is on Spectrum in your city. So, without wasting another second, let’s dive in.

Nickelodeon channel number on Spectrum

City/StateChannel Number
• Albany, NY
• Buffalo, NY
• Lexington, KY
• San Diego, CA
• Corpus Christi, TX
• Reno, NV
• Tahoe, CA
• Los Angeles, CA
• Milwaukee, WI
Austin, TX41
Charlotte, NC30
Cincinnati, OH65
Montgomery, AL48
Columbus, OH20
Dallas, TX45
San Antonio, TX39
Dayton, OH28
Durham, NC43
Saint Louis, MO32
Kansas City, MO49
Louisville, KY42
New York, NY6

Spectrum cable TV plans – is Nickelodeon a part of all of them?

Spectrum offers three cable plans, and all of them feature Nickelodeon. This means that if you own their most basic plan, you don’t have to upgrade it or purchase an add-on and pay for it every month just to watch Nickelodeon on your TV.

Can you find similar channels on Spectrum?

Nickelodeon isn’t the only channel on Spectrum that produces content for kids. The cable provider has a bunch of other options, such as PBS Kids, Cartoon Network, Sprout, and Disney Channel. All four channels feature some of the best shows for kids, and you can check them out if you want to try something new.


Now that you know what channel Nickelodeon is on Spectrum, it would be wise to add it to your Favorite Channels list. This way, whenever you turn your TV on, you can tune in quickly. Also, in case you are unable to find Nickelodeon on the current channel number after a few months, it may be because Spectrum has changed its placement. If that happens, make sure to check back here for the latest channel number.

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