What channel is PBS on Spectrum? Updated for 2024

Wondering what channel PBS is on Spectrum? Wonder no more!

What channel is PBS on Spectrum

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If you’re trying to look for what channel is PBS on Spectrum, we’ve got you covered.

PBS is a non-profit network that has around 350 member stations in the US. It was launched in October 1970, and since then, it has focused on content such as TV shows, documentaries, news programs, and more. When it comes to its channel number on Spectrum, it depends on where you’re trying to tune in from. If you’re in Chicago, you can watch it on channel number 11. But if you’re in Houston, you’ll need to switch to channel number 8. In short, it is different for every city.

As you can get confused, we’ll go through what channel PBS is on Spectrum and share a complete list of channel numbers so you can easily tune in no matter where you are in the country. So, let’s get right to it, shall we? 

PBS channel number on Spectrum

City/StateChannel Number
• Bronx, NY 
• Brooklyn, NY 
• Dallas, TX 
• El Paso, TX 
• Ft. Worth, TX
• New York, NY 
• Chicago, IL 
• Hawaii
• Indianapolis, IN
• Los Angeles, CA
• Cleveland, OH
• Portland, ME
Tampa, FL3
Houston, TX8
Milwaukee, WI10, 36
Portland, ME12
San Diego, CA15
Buffalo, NY17
Austin, TX18
Orlando, FL24
Atlanta, GA30
Columbus, OH34
Charlotte, NC42
Cincinnati, OH48
San Jose, CA54
Los Angeles, CA58
Louisville, KY68

Spectrum packages – Is PBS a part of all of them?

Spectrum offers three plans: Spectrum TV Stream, Spectrum TV Select Signature, and Mi Plan Latino. All of these have varying prices and numbers of channels. However, you can choose add-ons such as Entertainment View, which costs $15/month and has 70+ extra channels. Lastly, the great part is that PBS is available in all of them, so you don’t need to upgrade your existing package or opt for a premium one if you don’t want to. 

Plan NamePriceNo. of channels
Spectrum TV Stream$39.99/mo75+
TV Select Signature$64.99/mo150+
Mi Plan Latino$39.99/mo145+

Can you find similar channels on Spectrum?

PBS offers mixed types of content, such as shows, news programs, documentaries, and even content for kids. If you want to watch similar content, Spectrum has several other channels that you can explore. You can learn more about them, including their respective channel numbers, below.


With this, our short journey ends, and we hope you can tune into PBS on your Spectrum cable plan easily. We advise adding your frequently watched channels, including PBS, to the favorites list. This should further streamline things and make channels more accessible. 

One thing to keep in mind is that channels can be moved around. So, if you can’t find PBS on the usual channel number, it probably moved to a new position. If that happens, we’ll update our list with the new channel numbers, so be sure to check back with us. 

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