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Is Meta Quest 2 discontinued?

The Future of Meta Quest 2
Last Updated on September 26, 2023
Is Meta Quest 2 discontinued?
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With the recent announcement of Meta’s Quest 3, many VR enthusiasts are wondering what will happen to the popular Quest 2 headset. Will it be discontinued, or will Meta continue to support it? In this article, we will delve into the details and explore the future of Meta’s VR headsets.

The Meteoric rise of Meta Quest 2

Before we delve into the swirling rumors about its discontinuation, it’s crucial to appreciate the monumental success of the Meta Quest 2. This device has not only been a commercial triumph but also a technological marvel since its launch.

Sales phenomenon

The Quest 2 has been a blockbuster hit since its release, contributing significantly to Meta’s reported sales of nearly 20 million Quest headsets. When preorders for the Quest 2 went live, it was immediately clear that this device had outshined its predecessor. Mark Zuckerberg himself confirmed in a company earnings call that the Quest 2’s preorders were five times higher than the original Quest. By November 2021, the Quest 2 had already shipped an astounding 10 million units.

Quest for higher resolution and comfort

One of the key factors contributing to the Quest 2’s popularity is its higher resolution display technology. The device offers a liquid crystal display that provides a crisp and immersive experience. Additionally, manufacturers have paid close attention to comfort, incorporating foam and a new facial interface that enhances the user experience.

Platform and its capabilities

The Quest 2 isn’t just a high-end VR headset; it’s a versatile platform that supports a range of applications, from gaming to professional use. Its depth sensor and XR capabilities make it a leader in the field.

Meta Quest Pro and new components

While the Quest 2 has been a significant player in the VR market, rumors of a Meta Quest Pro with new components have also been circulating. This prospective device is expected to push the boundaries even further, offering even more advanced features.

Prices and affordability

The Quest 2 has managed to strike a balance between offering high-end VR experiences and maintaining consumer-friendly prices. The prices of the Quest series have been strategically set to attract a broad range of consumers, from VR enthusiasts to newcomers.

The Future: AR and beyond

With the success of the Quest 2, Meta has been exploring other avenues, including AR headsets. The company’s CTO has hinted at the integration of more advanced technologies, solidifying Meta’s position as a pioneer in the VR and AR space.

The Meta Quest 2 has been nothing short of a phenomenon, setting new standards in VR technology and user experience. Its future might be a subject of speculation, but its impact on the VR landscape is indisputable.

Meta’s commitment to Quest 2 Support

Despite the announcement of the Quest 3, Meta has clarified it that it intends to continue supporting the Quest 2 for quite some time. Andrew “Boz” Bosworth, Meta’s CTO and lead for the VR/AR division, responded to a tweet regarding the support for the Quest 2 after the Quest 3 release.

Bosworth reassured users that games announced in the Gaming Showcase will remain playable on both Quest 2 and Quest 3, and this is expected to be the norm for quite a while.

However, Bosworth did mention that as time goes on, mixed reality and high-power titles may start to target the Quest 3 specifically. This transition is similar to what we’ve seen in the gaming industry when developers shift their focus from older console generations to newer ones over a few years.


While the release of the Quest 3 may raise questions about the future of the Quest 2, Meta has pointed out that they will continue to support their popular VR headset for the foreseeable future.

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