Find out how to screenshot on Google Pixel 6 here

You can even tell Google Pixel 6 to take one for you, learn how to enable this and more here

how to screenshot on pixel 6

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Google Pixel 6 has some quirky features, with the American tech powerhouse going for function over prowess with their machine learning/ A.I. SoC Tensor. From where we’re sitting, Google Tensor represents a shift from an arms race in the power to technology becoming more intuitive and adapting to various diverse lifestyles.

A good example would be Google’s research into light balancing in photos, which is normally calibrated for people with lighter skin, making people of color misrepresented in their pictures. Google uses Tensor to make sure lighting and contrast are auto-adjusted to suit the scene and person.

How to screenshot on Pixel 6

Pixel 6 back button

There are also websites, messages, and more you need to screenshot for various reasons from time to time. Pixel doesn’t only support this but allows the usual screenshot functionality with full-screen capture and more. We’ll be walking through all the different ways you can take a screenshot so readers can make their own minds up. Let’s get into it:

Button screenshot

how to screenshot on pixel 6

This is the most popular way to take a screenshot with your Google Pixel 6. Make sure your display has what you need on it, such as a website or a message you’d like to back up, and press the ‘power’ and ‘volume down’ rocker quickly.

A screenshot window will then show giving you tools to crop your image, write on it, insert Emoji, and more. This brings us nicely into the next type of screenshot you can take on your Google Pixel 6.

Scrolling screenshot

how to screenshot on pixel 6

When you take a screenshot, you’ll probably have noticed the ‘Capture More’ button on the bottom right. Once tapped, you can either crop the screenshot you’ve taken or scroll down to capture more. This comes in really handy for capturing menus and websites, and it’s been a highly anticipated feature.

From your app drawer

how to screenshot on pixel 6

Swiping up and releasing from the bottom of your screen will bring up the app drawer, but you can bring back the standard three-button Android navigation by following this guide.

When doing this, you’ll notice there’s a screenshot option on the bottom-left. Users can do this instead of pressing the power and volume down rocker as previously mentioned. Tapping the screenshot option will bring up the usual menu for editing and scrolling screenshots.

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