Philips Hue Black Friday Deals in 2022

Lighten up the holidays with these amazing Philips Hue Black Friday deals

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Black Friday is nearly here and there are a ton of Philips Hue deals that have gone live already,

Off the heels of all-new Philips Hue releases, including Lightguide bulbs and a Hue Play Gradient Lightstrip for PCs, this forthcoming holiday season is set to be a rather bright one. Dive into these few Philips Hue Black Friday deals to get your living space brightened up before the New Year.

There’s quite a variety when it comes to Phillips Hue lights, but an absolute necessity is the Phillips Hue bridge. This allows all of your Phillips Hue products to be controlled across your home, with the streamlined intelligence of a smart home hub.

The Phillips Hue bridge is compatible with both Alexa and Google, giving it voice-activated prowess for all of your in-home Phillips Hue lighting. These lights are some of the best to spruce up the holidays and it’s hard to not look away when the prices are this good. They are easy to set up and work best when you have a white wall that is uncluttered behind the TV.

Philips Hue lights are perfect for those who want to:

  • Add another dimension to gaming set ups – the lights can be calibrated to mimic the screen colours, dramatically increasing immersion
  • Movie lovers – who want to increase immersion
  • Sport enthusiasts – bringing you closer the action with dramatic lighting

Best Philips Hue Deals

Despite Black Friday not starting until the 25th of November for most online retailers, there are still some awesome savings to be had across the varied models on Philips Hue lights at places like Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, and more. Below is a list of all the best ongoing Philips Hue deals in the run-up to the holiday sale season:

  • Best Buy: Philips – Hue White & Color Ambiance BR30 Bluetooth Smart LED Bulb (2-Pack), $79.99 (save $20)
  • Best Buy: Philips – Geek Squad Certified Refurbished Hue White and Color Ambiance E12 Smart LED Bulb, $46.99 (save $8)
  • Best Buy: Philips – Hue White & Color Ambiance BR30 Bluetooth Smart LED Bulb, $34.99 (save $10)
  • Amazon: Philips Hue White & Color Ambiance White Smart A19 Lights with Bluetooth, Hue Hub Compatible 4-pack, $119.99 ($40)
  • Amazon: Philips Hue 548586 Smart Light BR30 Bulb, 2 Pack, White and Color Ambiance, $79.99 (save $20)
  • Walmart: Philips Hue LED 40-Watt E12 Candelabra Smart Wi-Fi Connected Light Bulb, Color and White Ambiance, Dimmable, $64.99 ($13)
  • Walmart: Philips Hue Bluetooth Gradient Ambiance Smart Lightstrip 2m/6ft Base Kit with Plug, $179.99 (save $75)
  • Walmart: Philips Hue Smart Stand Alone Bridge, Hub Required, $49.76 (save $10)

Where to find the best Philips Hue Black Friday deals

All of the best Philips Hue Black Friday deals will be set across the usual suspects, including Target, Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, and more. A full list will be collated below and the page itself will be updated as Black Friday sales roll in:

Philips Hue Black Friday sales shortlist:

Last year’s Philips Hue Black Friday deals

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Editor’s pick
Save $50

Philips – Hue White & Color Ambiance A19 LED Starter Kit – Multicolor

Save $41

Philips – Hue White and Color Ambiance Lightstrip Plus 2M Starter Kit

Save $41

Philips – Hue White and Color Ambiance Lightstrip Plus 2M Starter Kit

Save $35

Philips – Hue White & Color Ambiance A19 Bluetooth LED Smart Bulbs (3-Pack) – Multicolor

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When will Philips Hue Black Friday sales start in 2022?

Black Friday doesn’t officially start until the 25th of November and typically ends by Cyber Monday, but many online retailers have their own set schedules for how they approach the sales season. Below is a list of when all of the best Philips Hue Black Friday deals will start across online stores:

  • Amazon: November 25th to November 27th
  • Best Buy: November 19th to November 28th
  • Newegg: November 22nd to November 27th
  • Target: November 21st to November 27th
  • Walmart: Online starting November 2nd at 7 PM EST, in-stores on November 4th at 5 AM local time

How to get the best Philips Hue Black Friday deals in 2022?

The best way to stay on top of all the best Philips Hue Black Friday deals is by keeping on top of your specific product and online store of preference. Each store will have its own varied pricing and timings, so if you want to get them fast or want the best bang for your buck, stick to the model of your choice.

This page will be updated accordingly as Black Friday sales roll in, so you can bet to find your Philips Hue device of choice here at the best possible price point. Beyond that, you can easily sign up for newsletters at set places for emails on discounts

Features to consider when looking for Philips Hue Black Friday deals

The features vary across Philips Hue lights, but it’s important to lock down what form you want and what you may need overall. Do you want to get a full smart home kit or just some lights for the back of a bookshelf?

The possibilities are rather endless and you can find most of these awesome products at an affordable price thanks to these Philips Hue Black Friday deals. Below is a list of main features you will want to keep in mind:

  • Bluetooth connectivity – this is important as it will ensure you don’t need the Hue Bridge and can easily access all your lights via your smartphone.
  • Voice controls – this will help those who want even easier access to all of their home lighting needs by the very sound of your voice
  • Automatic light control – this feature ensures your lights turn on as soon as you walk into the room, so you don’t have to even use a phone or any voice commands
  • Music, TV, Video Game light syncing – this is one of the coolest features offered by Philips Hue lights, as it will sync light effects to specific contents on the TV or monitor, so the backlighting is flush with the entertainment on the screen

Does Philips Hue do Black Friday?

Philips Hue itself doesn’t have a store page, but various online retailers do host discounts throughout Black Friday for Philips Hue products. Black Friday is one of the best times to get into these awesome lighting products, as for the most part, they are rather expensive.

Do I need a Hue Bridge to use Hue lights?

For some products, you do need the Hue Bridge, but not all of them require the device as most are now equipped with Bluetooth capabilities and can be utilized via a phone with relative ease. To be sure, though, check the box for a Bluetooth symbol before making your final decision on the specific Philips Hue product you want.

Note that Bluetooth capabilities do come with some limitations though, so some may prefer to have the Bridge connectivity for smoother connections and a more streamlined process for smart home lighting.

Do Philips Hue bulbs use electricity when off?

Yes, but it’s so small and relatively insignificant that you’ll never notice it on your electric bill. If anything, the price will be at most a penny in additional weight on your monthly electric bill, so there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to electricity and Philips Hue lighting products.

Is Philips Hue hackable?

There are some major security vulnerabilities in Philips Hue products, as found via Check Point. They note that Philips Hue smart bulbs could potentially be exploited so that hackers can access networks remotely for unsavory and malicious deeds across a user’s home mesh.

Hackers were noted to hijack the bulbs and install unwanted firmware on the devices, so be careful when choosing Philips Hue and how best to keep security top-notch via the devices.