Google handset running slow? Here’s how to turn off Pixel 6

Whether you're going to the Cinema or dumping those temporary files, it's always handy to know how it shut down your handset.

turn off pixel 6

Google Pixel 6 is a gamechanger for not only being the first true Google Pixel flagship device but for machine learning and artificial intelligence altogether. If you’re looking for what Google Pixel 6 can really do, including specs and features, click here. If you’re looking for some help with Android and Google Pixel 6 in general, click here.

Long story short, Google’s new System on a Chip (SoC), enables Google to control their own compatibility, support windows and build quality. For the most part, the handsets are sound devices that bar the fingerprint scanners from acting up, but the power in Pixel 6 lies in Tensor. Rather than joining the Android arms race and flaunting power, Google has a modest flagship offering on its hands that is massively enhanced with machine learning and A.I.


How to turn off Google Pixel 6

turn off pixel 6

Magic Erasers and more only work thanks to a handset that performs, which is why it’s a good idea to turn off Pixel 6 every once in a while. Whilst you might want to when going to the Cinemas or when having a meal, it’s good practice to turn off Pixel 6 so it can dump its temporary memory and refresh itself.


Restart or Shutdown

turn off pixel 6

Whilst restarting your Pixel 6 may be beneficial, shutting it down also power cycles it, allowing Pixel 6 to flush out power and get a fresh start when you boot it back up.

Start by holding the power button down to bring up Android 12s power options. Instead of choosing ‘Restart’ or ‘Emergency Call’, go to ‘Power Off’. This will turn off Pixel 6.

To turn it back on, simply push the power button on the right-hand side and it’ll boot up in no time.

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