Is DALL-E 2 free?

How to access OpenAI's art generator for free

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After OpenAI launched their version of an AI art generator last year, many have been wondering – Is DALL-E 2 free or not?

If you aren’t familiar, DALL-E 2 is another popular browser-based AI system developed by OpenAI. It can cleverly help humans create stunning artwork just from a few inputted prompts.

So, does it do it for free, or does this service come at a cost? Well, the answer is both – yes and no. If you are hoping to use DALL-E 2 for free, keep reading as we will show you how.

Can you use DALL-E 2 for free?

DALL-E 2 is a close cousin to OpenAI’s wildly popular chatbot, ChatGPT. As with any AI tool, it can help you be more productive by generating new content in seconds.

So, what makes DALL-E 2 so special? Well, if you need to create digital art quickly, then DALL-E 2 is the tool for you. With a few ideas, the AI application can create remarkably complex artwork that seems very realistic.

The AI art generator is free to use initially, allowing its users to experiment with the model – OpenAI grants its new users 50 free credits for their first month. After that, they will only receive 15 free credits for subsequent months. But, they can always purchase more credits at an additional cost if needed.

According to some users, the free 50 credits can only create up to 200 images. Similarly, the next 15 free credits will generate around 60 free images.

If you feel like you need to purchase more, $15 will get you 115 credits or 460 generated images. However, this isn’t officially confirmed by the DALL-E 2 developers, nor is the quality of those pictures generated. Therefore, you need to be careful when using these free credits.


The DALL-E 2 is free to try, thanks to OpenAI’s generous trial credit scheme. Those who intend to use it permanently, for generating bulk images will have to purchase additional credits. However, casual users who only want to use the tool every so often will find that the allotted free credits is enough each month.