Is DALL-E 2 safe to use?

Could this AI art generator really be that dangerous?

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DALL-E 2 is another successful AI browser-based application that is helping millions of users create remarkable images. This AI art generator works by processing your text submission to then translate it into the best-resembling piece of art. But, is DALL-E 2 safe to use? Continue reading as we explore this topic.

Is DALL-E 2 safe?

AI programs or systems, although very advanced and exciting to use, have never been a hundred percent safe. Some developers and AI skeptics consider these types of applications more powerful and dangerous than the human race!

Imagining this to be true, may be difficult. But, there is no denying that it may pose some serious threats in the future.

In the case of DALL-E 2, using it may not be fully safe. Especially not for everyone. For instance, we all know that DALL-E 2 is an AI-based app that requires a human user to run.

Therefore, its language model could interpret a request wrongly and generate an undesirable response. That result can produce potentially harmful content, which may not be appropriate for everyone.

OpenAI has made it clear that they are continuously working to limit the negative impacts its models have on its users.

There is always some form of risk when using AI technologies, though. For example, ChatGPT has the capability to produce misleading and biased information due to the way in which it was developed.

As a result, it is very common to find that many experts believe that AI technology is not safe. Let’s not make it all doom and gloom, though.

There is no doubt about it – AI helps to make millions of people’s lives better every day. But, it can still pose serious threats without them even knowing about it.

If you are hoping to use DALL-E 2 for fun or to help with the creative process – this seems relatively safe to do. Although, we recommend being cautious when uploading personal images and files to the AI app. And, of course, only inputting appropriate prompts into the text bar.

Final Thoughts

AI has always been somewhat insecure or unsafe due to various reasons. However, many experts predict that AI will become unimaginably powerful in the future. Although, time will tell.