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Is GPT-3 the most powerful AI?

How GPT-3 performs compared to its competitors
Last Updated on April 20, 2023
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GPT-3 or Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 is a third-generation AI language model developed by OpenAI. Since its release, this deep-learning model has sparked discussions on its position in the AI world. Is GPT-3 the most powerful AI? Let’s dive in and find out!

GPT-3 is a machine-learning model that can generate responses in the form of text. It was released back in 2020 and was built using 175 billion parameters. This is a major upgrade compared to its predecessor GPT-2 which uses 1.5 billion.

It has the ability to produce human-like responses, completing a range of tasks from text summarization, to language translations and generating creative content.

GPT-3’s responses are of such high quality, that they often get mistaken for human writing. And its technology is the backbone of many AI tools on the market, including OpenAI’s extremely popular chatbot, Chat GPT.

Currently, GPT-3 is one of OpenAI’s most powerful and largest AI models they offer. But, whether it is the most powerful AI out there is another matter.

At the moment, GPT-3 has various direct competitors such as Deepminds’s Chinchilla AI and Gopher. In particular, Gopher is said to use 280 billion parameters and is suggested to be more accurate than GPT-3.

Additionally, despite Deepmind keeping Chinchilla AI behind closed doors, in a recent research paper, the model is said to completely outperform both models.

However, many claim that GPT-3 is in fact the most powerful AI. Most notably, Forbes and eInfoChips share this view. And of course, the capabilities of this model cannot be understated – it is pretty epic!

Determining the most powerful AI is a very subjective issue and it really only boils down to how you plan to use the model.

Which is the most powerful GPT?

As it currently stands, OpenAI’s GPT-4 will be the most powerful GPT model released. This next-generation GPT model will completely outperform GPT-3.5, hopefully with improvements to the accuracy and naturalness of the model’s responses.

Although the new model is not released yet, many have been speculating about what capabilities it will have. Many predict GPT-4 will be a multimodal model – a model with the ability to operate using different mediums such as text, images, and sound.

Others claim that OpenAI will introduce a self-learning feature meaning GPT-4 could self-improve without the guidance of engineers. No matter what this new model looks like, we are sure it will come with some revolutionary upgrades.

What is the IQ of GPT-3?

After various tests and according to AI expert, Dr. Alan D. Thompson, GPT-3 seems to have an IQ above 120. This means that ChatGPT sits in the ‘gifted’ category when compared to other humans.

How many GB is needed for GPT-3?

Various sources claim that around 350GB of VRAM is required to run GPT-3 on your system – and that’s just to run it at a decent speed.

Final Thoughts

GPT-3 is most definitely one of OpenAI’s most powerful AI models. The question of whether it is the most powerful AI out there is still up for debate.

Despite the subjective nature of this question, there’s no denying that GPT-3 is a highly sophisticated and advanced model. If you found this article interesting, why not read Can Chat GPT pass bar exam next?

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