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Do I need a GPU for Stable Diffusion?

Let us explain
Last Updated on August 11, 2023
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Are you wondering whether you need a GPU for Stable Diffusion? You’ve come to the right place.

Stable Diffusion is undoubtedly a fast and intuitive AI art-generating tool like Dall-E and MidJourney. Its results are impressive, so it has millions of users right now. However, if you want to use it on your PC, ensure the requirements are fulfilled, especially when it comes to graphics cards. Speaking of which, we will talk about whether Stable Diffusion can work without a GPU, or if you’ll still need a graphics card to function properly.

GPUs, or graphics cards, are little pieces of tech which will seriously upgrade any gaming or creative professional experience. They’re an essential for creating AI generated art on a more commercial or professional level.

So do you need a graphics card from Stable Diffusion in order for it to work? Or can one replace the other? Let’s find out.

Is a GPU Required For Stable Diffusion?

Yes, for Stable Diffusion to work smoothly without any issues, you must have a GPU on your PC. For a minimum, look at 8-10 GB Nvidia models. Moreover, make sure you have 16 GB of PC RAM in the PC system to avoid any instability. 

The GPU will run Stable Diffusion without running into issues like a slower responding speed. To say that Stable Diffusion exclusively runs best on a graphics card wouldn’t be wrong. As for which GPU to use, we suggest the Nvidia RTX 4080 and 4090 models with 16 or 24 GB VRAM for best results. These are seriously powerful pieces of kit which will guarantee you a speedy service.

Is it Possible to Run Stable Diffusion on an AMD GPU?

Yes, you can run Stable Diffusion on AMD GPUs, too, apart from the Nvidia series models. However, to use AMD, ensure you have a model above the RX470. Moreover, for the best results, make sure to have a further 8GB or above to avoid any inconveniences.


Can Stable Diffusion Work on Apple Mac Processors?

Yes, the Stable Diffusion supports Apple Mac books. However, it only supports the silicon-based M1 and M1 latest models. Any model before that is not for the best results. Even an older M1 and M2 model will be fine if it fulfills the requirements.


Having a GPU is a mandatory requirement in today’s technological world. Try to have the latest and fastest model for GPU or other graphical supports. Therefore, for Stable Diffusion, it is best to have a GPU. Though there are a few ways to run it without a GPU, they aren’t as reliable as they may seem. So, make sure to have a good graphics card before running Stable Diffusion for the best results.

A graphics card is also a good idea in general for making the most out of your PC. They improve gaming and creative experiences tenfold. If you need ideas as to which one to go to, check out our round-up of the very best graphics cards here.

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