Guide To Midjourney Prompts For Art

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Are you seeking the best Midjourney prompts? Whether it’s for creative exploration, work, or just to have some fun. We’ve got you covered right here.

Midjourney, alongside Stable Diffusion and Photoshop Beta, is making it’s mark on the AI art world. With its extensive list of commands and capacity to generate images through text prompts, users are able to assume creative control over high quality images.

Midjourney, when used correctly and appropriately, can allow you to create nearly anything. The AI software uses a Machine Learning (ML) algorithm that is trained on image data. Midjourney is constantly developing and learning to process information faster but can you catch up? We’re here to help. 

Thinking of prompts can be hard – it’s very common to experience creative blocks. To assist your experience of Midjourney’s image generation, we have compiled a list of keywords that can be used as prompts. These words can be used as inspiration, foundations for ideas, or just to get your brain whirring. To make it easier, we’ll break the prompts into sub-categories. Remember – to get the best result, the more intricate details the better! 

Let’s get straight into it! 

Best Midjourney Prompts for AI Art

To ensure the best outcome in your creation, it will help to have an idea of what you want to create. Are you wanting to create a masterpiece of surrealism like Salvador Dali or are you wanting a composition of a full body portrait of a warrior through the medium of pop art? 

Take a look at our categories below for prompt suggestions. 

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General Art Prompts

  • bold colors
  • textures
  • pencil 
  • line drawing
  • hypermaximalist
  • magical
  • mystical
  • logos

Photography Prompts

  • cinematic
  • sharp focus
  • long/short lens
  • close up
  • cinematic lighting
  • natural lighting
  • camera
  • shot
  • vintage photograph
  • depth
  • dramatic lighting
  • volumetric lighting
  • fog
  • medium shot
  • high contrast

Illustration Prompts

  • pixel
  • magic
  • ghost
  • dark fantasy
  • neon lights
  • pop art
  • watercolour
  • art nouveau
  • cyberpunk

Landscape Prompts

  • mountain ranges
  • sunset
  • epic
  • dynamic 
  • flowing river
  • open ocean
  • serene
  • soft light
  • golden hour light
  • pastures

Portrait Prompts

  • white background
  • smoke
  • detail 
  • emotion
  • candid
  • posed
  • gender 
  • culture 
  • ethnicity
  • identity
  • close-up
  • soft focus
  • head shot
  • hyper-detailed

Abstract Art Prompts

  • Abstraction
  • distorted visuals
  • texture
  • shape
  • colour
  • unique
  • expression
  • chaos
  • spontaneous
  • structure

Character Prompts

  • femme fatale
  • gamer
  • villain
  • hero 
  • princess
  • priest
  • magician 
  • explorer
  • fairy
  • witch

Final word

There we have it – the best Midjourney Art Prompts!  With these prompts you can also edit or adapt them to suit your preferences. When it comes to finding your own style, trialling different ideas and techniques is super helpful. Keep updated on this page for any edits or new prompts ideas in Midjourney.