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Is GPT-4 Better?

It's the latest language model from OpenAI
Last Updated on May 10, 2023
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With the release of OpenAI’s latest language model, you might be asking: is GPT-4 better?

Since its release a few days back, GPT-4 has taken the internet like fire. Compared to its predecessor, GPT-3, users rate it to be more powerful and competent that can understand human interactions more precisely. But is it a better option, and how well does it perform? We’ll be answering all these questions in the guide below.

Is GPT-4 A Better Version than GPT-3?

First, we should run through its capabilities to understand whether the GPT-4 is better than its predecessors. OpenAI, a tech research company, released GPT-4 very recently. It is an updated version of their text-generating AI program – the predecessor being GPT-3 – with the introduction of some new abilities.

Compared to its forerunners, the GPT-4 can generate more detailed textual outputs. But it makes them look more natural-sounding, which is far better for solving human problems. Besides creating textual answers to human queries, the new program can create images that best describe that textual outcome. As a result, GPT-4 is very good at fooling people that it’s a competent person doing the work, whereas, in actuality, it’s the opposite.

How is GPT-4 Better?

GPT-4 has some new features that make it a great choice compared to its predecessors . Here are some of the best:

Improvements in performance

Regarding the factual correctness of the answers these AI models generate, GPT-4 surpasses its predecessors. It has a lesser chance of making a factual or clerical error. Moreover, the model has a better understanding of things which sound weird. For instance, if you ask it to do something unsavory or illegal, it will refuse to fulfill that request.

Using Visual Inputs

One significant improvement is that GPT-4 can use images as input other than simple text. So yes, the model can interpret your meme, charts, or screenshots and can explain them or interpret what these pictures or images tell you. So, no need to enter long-tail textual inputs. You can now also enter an image; OpenAI’s system will best describe or explain it within its limits.

Full-Time Content Creation

Whether you are an individual worker or run a business with social media platforms, GPT-4 can help you create compelling content. All it requires is a basic raw idea of what content you need. The rest will do it all by themselves. The model will create compelling blog posts for your social media or personal website and social media posts to grow its reviews.

Mathematical Calculations

Another significant advancement of the GPT-4 is that it can solve complex calculations. So, whether you have a high-level calculation problem or a tax matter, you can use the model to solve them quickly. 

For instance, if you wish to solve your tax problem, assign the TaxGPT system, so that the model will know what kind of problem is coming. The same happens to cracking a mathematical problem. Just provide it with a context about your problem and the model should be able to solve it. Surprisingly, it’s not hooked with a Calculator to perform all these calculations.

According to the creators, GPT-4 will be around 82% better than the GPT-3.5 in responding to queries. Furthermore, it has a 60% less chance of making up things independently, learning reinforcements via human feedback.


So whether it comes to factual correctness or other features, GPT-4 is far better than its predecessors.

Firstly, it is less likely to make errors and provides more accurate information. Furthermore, it can create content for your social media posts and blog posts, with captivating captions that no previous model of GPT was capable of doing. And if you have a complex mathematical or tax calculation, no worries; GPT-4 will handle it all for you. So dive in and discover the capabilities of this AI language model!

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