Jasper AI vs Copy AI

Two great AI marketing tools go head to head

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Now for the battle of two of the biggest hitters in the AI marketing game – Jasper AI vs Copy AI.

If you’ve been keeping an eye on proceedings in the AI world, you might have noticed that a few programs have been making waves when it comes to marketing content. Two of these in particular, Jasper AI and Copy AI, are taking the internet by storm. They have incredible copy writing skills, and can be used in a range of ways which strengthen your brand or business.

However, both cost money to use after an initial trial, so you might be keen to know what the best option is for you. Then, you can decide on one program and start using it to your heart’s content.

So, want to know the lowdown on Jasper AI vs Copy AI? Read on.

Jasper AI and how it works

Jasper, developed by Cisco, is an AI platform that operates on an open-source basis. The platform uses natural language processing to formulate human-sounding responses. It is great for businesses as it can provide long-form copy, such as blog posts, or interact with customers as a chatbot.

By integrating Jasper with your brand, it can perform various tasks, such as answering frequently asked questions and managing orders. Although it operates in a similar way to ChatGPT and other more niche marketing AI tools like Copy AI, Jasper is specifically designed to handle more complex marketing tasks such as SEO optimization within articles generated by the chatbot.

Jasper AI is powered by OpenAI. It works by using an AI language model to formulate responses to questions asked by customers, using natural language processing to understand the intent behind a customer’s message and generate an appropriate response. Alternatively, you can ask the tool to create a long form piece of copy – so it works for both brand creators and customers. It can also integrate with other tools and systems, such as CRM software, to provide more comprehensive solutions.

However, it does cost a fair bit after the initial trial. For more information on the pricing of Jasper AI, check out our guide here.

Copy AI and how it works

Copy AI also works on Open AI’s language model, GPT-3. It is a short-form copy generator. So you use it to create digital ad copy, emails, product descriptions and the like. You can also generate blog ideas and outlines.

Copy AI works by giving you credits which you use when inputting a prompt. On the free plan, these are limited, but once you sign up for the monthly paid plan, you have unlimited words.

What are the benefits of Jasper AI?

Jasper AI is a widely-used AI tool which has plenty of benefits. It has a well thought out Chrome extension which effectively integrates its tools into your browser, plus 68 templates and a range of ‘brand voices’ tailored to your business, depending on which plan you buy. You can integrate it with a range of other tools like Grammarly and Surfer.

Where the AI tool really excels is long-form content creation, or content marketing as it is sometimes known. Blog posts, articles on your website or other more detailed pieces of writing adjacent to your brand or business can be formulated by Jasper in a voice that mimics other writing you have created. This builds trust among clients or customers, and is arguably less detectable than standard AI generated pieces of writing.

What are the benefits of Copy AI?

Copy AI is cheaper than Jasper AI, with pricing that starts off with a completely free plan, unlike Jasper which only has the first 10,000 words for free. It is best for writing short-form copy and other smaller pieces of writing, like emails and Instagram captions. However you can also write longer blog posts.

Which one should you choose?

If you have a bigger budget and need to generate more content, Jasper AI is probably your best bet. Although it can also generate short-form copy, it is worth buying for more complex long-form content or integrating with other software or apps.

If you are strapped for cash or just need a tool to churn out shorter pieces of copy, you’d be better off going for Copy AI. It’s a cheaper and more basic tool which still has a lot of great features – perfect for smaller brands or freelancers.

Final Thoughts

So, that’s our thoughts on the Jasper AI vs Copy AI debate. Both are great tools, but Jasper AI is the superior option. However, this comes at a higher price, which may not be affordable or necessary for everyone. Research and trial both tools to get a better sense of what’s best for you.