Midjourney Niji mode – What is it?

What is Midjourney Niji mode, and how do you use it?

Midjourney Niji Mode

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Midjourney is most commonly referred to as the best AI image generator for photorealism, and perhaps overall. This leaves Midjourney Niji mode neglected, despite being equally good at anime style artwork.

What is the Niji version in Midjourney?

Niji, japanese for Rainbow, is an entirely separate algorithm offered by Midjourney, an anime-specific model alongside their default algorithm lineup of version 1 – 5.2. The difference between the different versions of midjourney, is that v1 – 5.2 are general purpose algorithms, trained on a diverse dataset of visual media from vintage film photographs to digital illustrations. These are flagship models, designed to allow the broadest audience possible to create any image they want. Alongside that offering, the Niji parameter is a more specialised and experimental algorithm, trained on a vast knowledge of anime, ideal for anime fans who want to create digital art with anime aesthetics, especially character-focused compositions.

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How can you use Midjourney Niji mode?

These algorithms are all available to use right now, including legacy models. To use them, subscribers can access Midjourney bot through the Discord website on any web browser, or through the Discord app on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android devices.

You don’t need your own Midjourney Discord server to use Midjourney, but as the alternative is typing your prompts in a public chat room with thousands of other users, I’d recommend it. Don’t worry, having your own Discord server is free, though you will need a paid subscription plan for Midjourney itself.

When using Midjourney, simply add – –niji 5 to the end of your prompt instead of – –v 5.2. This is the parameter required to use the anime art algorithm instead of the default.

But the fun doesn’t end there!

How do you use Niji on Midjourney?

The Niji model comes with four Niji settings, each of them a different interpretation of anime-style artwork.

– –niji 5 – –style cute

Typing this at the end of your text prompt will render an adorable pastel color, potentially watercolour, rendition of the anime style. This parameter can still produce plenty of variation in art style, including 2D or 3D looking images, monochromatic color, isometric angles etc. but will consistently render characters with heads larger than their bodies, stumpy limbs, no nose and wide eyes full of child-like wonder. This character design is often used alongside the next on this list, in the same anime, for cutaway gags at moments of embarrassment or futility.

– –niji 5 – –style expressive

This style specialises in a westernised interpretation of anime. This expressive style is great for manga-style artwork, thicker lines, well-defined objects and poster-like results, as interpreted by a US animation studio. Think high chroma and bright highlights.

– –niji 5 – –style original

This style creates the most authentic reproduction of anime, as you’d expect from it’s birthplace in Japan. Expect a muted anime-like color palette with realistic lighting, offering the most convincing results (depending on what you’re going for.)

– –niji 5 – –style scenic

This setting excels with a cinematic landscape, especially fantasy settings. Think wide-angle action shots, beautiful scenery, plenty of bloom and ambient occlusion.

Midjourney Niji FAQ

What is the difference between Midjourney and Niji?

Niji is one algorithm of many offered by Midjourney. Midjourney commonly refers to their default algorithm, the best in the world at a broad range of visual styles, whereas Niji is highly specialised for the anime aesthetic.

What does Niji mean in Midjourney?

Niji is Japanese for Rainbow.

What is Niji v5?

The most recent update to the Niji model within Midjourney AI art generator.

What is the command for Niji 5?

“– –niji 5” (Two hyphens without a space followed immediately by “niji” and then a space before “5”).

“– –niji 5 – –style original” will use the exact same algorithm, but shows the syntax for using the other 3 Niji styles.

Is Nijijourney free?

Nijijourney is an unofficial portmanteau of Midjourney and one of their AI image algorithms called Niji. It is not free to use, and is included in a subscription to Midjourney.

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