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Adobe Firefly vs Midjourney – Which AI tool is most helpful in 2024

Last Updated on February 5, 2024
Adobe Firefly vs. Midjourney – How Do They Compare?
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Adobe Firefly and Midjourney are among the most commonly used AI image-generation tools today. These two artificial intelligence tools let you generate graphics and images based on text prompts.

Although these AI tools share some similarities, they differ in several ways. It is important to note the differences and similarities to ensure that you get a tool that suits your needs and preferences when it comes to graphic design. In this article, we will compare Adobe Firefly vs. Midjourney. Let’s begin by looking at each tool descriptively.

Understanding the Basics

Before we delve into the comparison, it’s essential to understand some key terms related to AI image generators. An AI model, in the context of image generation, refers to the algorithmic structure that learns from data inputs to create outputs – in this case, images.

Stable Diffusion is a technique used in some AI models to generate images gradually, refining the details over time. The aspect ratio of an image is its width relative to its height, a significant consideration when creating images for different platforms and formats.

The Creators Behind the Tools

Adobe, a household name in the creative software industry, is the force behind Adobe Firefly. On the other hand, Midjourney is a product of a lesser-known but equally innovative company. Both tools are the result of extensive research and development, with a focus on empowering creators to produce unique and compelling visual content.

However, the rise of AI in creative fields has sparked discussions on ethics and copyright. As AI becomes more capable of creating art, questions arise about who owns the rights to AI-generated images and how creators can protect their original work. Both Adobe and Midjourney have policies in place to address these concerns, ensuring that users can create with confidence.

The Power of Creativity

AI art generators like Adobe Firefly and Midjourney have given creators a powerful tool to enhance their creativity.

By automating certain aspects of image creation, these tools allow creators to focus on the creative process, experimenting with different content types, from photorealistic images to unique portraits. They offer a new way to express creativity, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in digital art.

What is Adobe Firefly?

Adobe Firefly vs. Midjourney – How Do They Compare?

Adobe Firefly is a kind of generative artificial intelligence model created by Adobe for its Creative Cloud suite. It focuses on image and text effect generation to improve creative workflows across all of Adobe’s platforms and apps.

The main features of Adobe Firefly include content-based image generation in Photoshop, custom vector generation, textures, and brushes for illustrations, and the ability to change the mood, weather, and atmosphere in videos.

What is Midjourney?

Adobe Firefly vs. Midjourney – How Do They Compare?

This is a generative AI that has the capability of converting natural language prompts into images. With this AI tool, you can easily create high-quality images from text-based prompts. With just a few clicks, you can generate real-looking images in minutes. 

Midjourney uses two technologies; large language and diffusion models. The large language model allows the AI to understand the meaning of all the prompts you type. The prompts are then changed into a vector. The vector is then taken to another process called diffusion. Diffusion is what now converts the prompts into beautiful art.

Adobe Firefly vs. Midjourney- Key Differences

To compare Adobe Firefly vs. Midjourney, we need to look at the key differences between both.

Compensation and the Creative Community

As AI art generators become more popular, questions about compensation for creators using these tools have arisen. Both Adobe Firefly and Midjourney have policies in place to ensure that creators are compensated fairly for their work.

Additionally, both tools have fostered a vibrant creative community, where creators can share their work, learn from each other, and contribute to the development of these tools.

Training Data

Adobe Firefly is trained to use a readily available or public picture dataset. This means that the photographs generated by Firefly are likely to be realistic. However, these photos may not be as innovative as you may want them to be. 

On the other hand, Midjourney is trained on a picture and text dataset chosen by a family of artists and designers. Due to this factor, the photos generated by Midjourney are likely to be more imaginative and aesthetically appealing.

Key Features

Adobe Firefly and Midjourney offer a range of features designed to cater to the diverse needs of creators. Both tools allow users to input specific parameters, guiding the AI in generating images that align with their vision. The user-friendly interfaces of both tools make it easy for even beginners to start creating.

Adobe Firefly stands out with its unique Firefly image feature, which allows for the creation of dynamic, animated images. Midjourney, on the other hand, excels in generating photorealistic and artistic images, offering a wide range of styles for creators to select from.

Both tools also offer integrations with other software. Adobe Firefly, for instance, integrates seamlessly with other Adobe products and even Microsoft tools, allowing for a streamlined workflow.

Midjourney, while not offering as many integrations, provides robust support through its Discord community, where users can share tips, ask questions, and get updates from the Midjourney team.

Image Sources and Variations

Adobe Firefly and Midjourney both allow users to generate a wide variety of images. Adobe Firefly users have the added advantage of access to Adobe Stock, a vast library of stock images that can be used as a starting point for AI image generation. Midjourney, while not having a proprietary stock image library, supports the use of various image sources, allowing users the flexibility to create unique variations.


When it comes to performance, we are going to focus on the speed with which an AI tool can generate quality images. Midjourney is considered to be faster when it comes to generating clear images. It is also considered more dependable than Adobe Firefly. While both tools can generate quality images, Midjourney is capable of producing high-quality images faster.

User Experience

When it comes to user experience, both Adobe Firefly and Midjourney shine in their own ways. Adobe Firefly, with its intuitive interface and seamless integration with Adobe’s suite of creative tools, offers a smooth and familiar experience for those already accustomed to Adobe’s ecosystem. Its browser compatibility ensures that users can access and use the tool from any device, anywhere.

Midjourney, on the other hand, may not have the extensive integrations that Adobe Firefly boasts, but it makes up for it with a user-friendly interface that’s easy to navigate, even for beginners. The tool’s active Discord community is a valuable resource for users, offering support, tips, and a platform to share their creations.

Adobe Firefly vs Midjourney- Pricing plans

AI ToolFree plan?Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3
Adobe FireflyYesFirefly Premium ($4.99/mo)Single Apps ($9.99/mo)Creative Cloud All apps ($59.99/mo)
MidjourneyFree trialBasic ($10/mo)Standard ($30/mo)Professional ($60/mo)

Pricing is an important factor to consider when purchasing any item or software. When it comes to the pricing of Adobe Firefly vs. Midjourney, there is a difference between the two. 

Adobe Firefly is in the open beta phase, and it is available for free. In other words, the Firefly is in the testing stage and has just been released to the public. However, there is a catch; Firefly comes under paid plans inside Adobe Creative apps like Photoshop, and Adobe Express.

Midjouney, on the other hand, is in the closed beta phase. It offers a 25-image trial. It also has 3 membership plans; Basic at $10, Standard at $30, and Professional at $60.

Adobe Firefly vs Midjourney- Software Integrations

AI ToolAPI?Plugins?Other integrations
Adobe FireflyNoYesYes

Adobe Firefly and Midjourney offer seamless integration with various software. Adobe Firefly, being part of the Adobe suite, integrates smoothly with Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Premier Pro, and Adobe Express. This allows creators to easily transfer their work between different Adobe software, streamlining their workflow.

Adobe Firefly vs Midjourney- Real-life Applications

To truly understand the potential of Adobe Firefly and Midjourney, let’s look at some real-life applications. Designers have used Adobe Firefly to create dynamic, eye-catching images for marketing campaigns, leveraging its unique Firefly image feature.

Midjourney, with its ability to generate photorealistic and artistic images, has found favor among digital artists and illustrators, enabling them to create stunning pieces of art with a few clicks.

Adobe Firefly vs. Midjourney- Which One Should You Use?

When it comes to the usage of Adobe Firefly vs. Midjourney as AI design tools, it is clear that these two are powerful tools created to enhance your imagination and skills as a designer or artist. However, the usage depends on your preference as a designer and how best one tool suits your needs more than the other. Midjourney is currently considered to be better at creating images based on text prompts. Those using Adobe Firefly, on the other hand, find that Firefly will fit in their workflow perfectly when the program is fully realized.


We can say that the two AI tools are powerful and offer great features. But as a designer or artist, you need to consider your preferences and choose what works best for you.  


What are some ethical considerations when using AI image generators?

As AI becomes more capable of creating art, questions arise about who owns the rights to AI-generated images and how creators can protect their original work. It’s important to understand the terms of use of the AI image generator you’re using and to respect the rights of others when using AI to create images based on existing works.

How do Adobe Firefly and Midjourney compare to DALL-E?

DALL-E, like Adobe Firefly and Midjourney, is an AI image generator. While all three tools use AI to generate images, they each have their unique features and strengths. The best tool for you depends on your specific needs and preferences.

Can I use my images as inputs for Adobe Firefly and Midjourney?

Yes, both Adobe Firefly and Midjourney allow users to use their own images as inputs, enabling the creation of unique variations.

Are there any templates available for Adobe Firefly and Midjourney?

While Adobe Firefly doesn’t offer templates in itself, it does integrate with Adobe’s suite of tools, which includes Adobe Stock and its range of templates. Midjourney, on the other hand, provides a variety of styles that can serve as a starting point for your creations.

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