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Is Intel 13th Gen backward compatible?

Intel's new line of CPUs are slated to be extremely exciting, but will they be so for older gen mobo users hoping for backward compatibility
Last Updated on April 28, 2023
Is Intel 13th Gen backwards compatible
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Backward compatibility is better achieved when the previous year’s tech is built with the future in mind. Whereas new technology is made to push forward into new realms of operability, Intel 13th gen has made the effort to not ban from the market previous technology.

Intel 13th Gen, otherwise known as Raptor Lake, is backward compatible. Intel will continue using the same LGA 1700 socket, and big names like Asus, ASRock, Gigabyte, and MSI have announced their BIOS-shaped support for the new Intel 13 Gen chipset. Furthermore, Raptor Lake’s new processors will support DDR4 up to 3200.




Intel 13th Gen backward compatibility does not ensure a practical usage of the components with old technology, though. Motherboard manufacturers seemed late to launch their BIOS updates.

Additionally, installing BIOS updates in order to have your brand new 13th Gen processor working might be a hassle if you don’t have the experience, and the process will vary according to the motherboard brand and series you own.

Does MSI Z690 support Intel 13th Gen?

Much like most Z690 boards of its kind, MSI Z690 will support Intel 13th Gen processors, but it will require a BIOS/UEFI update to work properly.

For that, you will need a 12th Gen CPU and a Z690 motherboard, so if you are upgrading to the 13th Gen and keep a Z600 series motherboard, make sure to keep your old 12th Gen so you can install the necessary BIOS updates.

If you don’t have a 12th Gen on hand, you’ll be much better off purchasing a new Z790 motherboard along with the new processor.

When do Z790 motherboards release?

The new series of Z700 motherboards will launch alongside Intel’s 13th Gen processor on October 20th. Despite Raptor Lake’s backward compatibility, keeping old-gen components in order to work with the new 13th Gen may be counterproductive.

It might be better just to go with the new motherboard and upgrade the whole rig right away.

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