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Will Intel 14th gen work on Z790? Short answer: Yes

Does the new processor work with this motherboard?
Last Updated on October 13, 2023
Will Intel 14th gen work on Z790?
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Are you wondering: will the Intel 14th Gen will work on Z790 motherboards? You’re in the right place! We’ll look at whether the upcoming Intel 14th generation processors are compatible with the Z790 chipset and if they support the LGA 1700 socket. So, if you’re planning to build or upgrade a PC and considering these new components, read on to find the information you need to make an informed decision.

Will Intel 14th gen work on Z790?

The new Intel 14th-generation CPU will indeed be compatible with Z790 motherboards. Intel has confirmed that its upcoming Raptor Lake refresh, or the 14th-Gen CPUs, will utilize the same LGA 1700 socket, meaning there’s no need for a motherboard upgrade if you’re thinking of stepping up to the new generation of processors.

Mark your calendars for October 17th, which is when the new generation is expected to be released. This move by Intel aligns with its longstanding commitment to backward compatibility, aiming to give users access to the latest, most advanced technology features without the necessity of a substantial investment.

Will 14th gen Intel support LGA 1700?

The 14th generation of Intel’s CPUs will continue to support the LGA 1700 socket, a consistent feature since the 12th generation. This compatibility allows for flexibility and continuity in your system upgrades, ensuring that your current setup remains relevant and adaptable to new processor releases.

Interestingly, some motherboard manufacturers are already gearing up to enhance the experience of the 14th gen CPUs. For instance, Gigabyte has unveiled its AORUS Z790 X Gen motherboards, explicitly designed for Intel’s upcoming 14th Gen processors. A lineup consisting of seven motherboards, these new entries will boast cutting-edge features such as the capacity to overclock RAM to XMP 8200 MT/s or higher, as well as Wi-Fi 7 support, among others.

Not to be left behind, other major players in the industry, such as MSI and Asus, have also indicated plans to update their offerings. These updates represent a tremendous opportunity for users to augment their systems significantly. With these enhanced motherboards supporting the latest processors, enthusiasts stand to assemble robust, high-end PCs that promise longevity and top-tier performance.


Is LGA 1700 obsolete?

Not! The LGA 1700 socket is still very much in the game. Intel’s upcoming 14th series of processors will continue to utilize the LGA 1700 socket, ensuring its relevance and usability. However, it’s worth noting that this might be the last generation of processors to use it. Even so, the LGA 1700 is far from becoming obsolete and is expected to remain a viable option for users in the coming years.

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