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Intel 14th gen socket type – will it use LGA 1700?

Intel is gearing up to deliver a powerful new lineup of chips in the form of its Intel 14th gen
Last Updated on July 18, 2023
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The compatibility of CPUs and their motherboards is a critical aspect to consider when planning for an upgrade or building a new system. In this article, we discuss the anticipated 14th gen socket type for Intel’s upcoming processor release, codenamed Meteor Lake. Given Intel’s history, this is a topic of much speculation among PC enthusiasts and tech industry observers.

Based on the most recent leaks and industry trends, it’s expected that Intel 14th Gen CPUs will use the LGA 1851 socket.

This anticipated shift is well aligned with Intel’s historical tendency of introducing new socket configurations. These transitions typically align with significant architectural alterations in their processors or the introduction of innovative features. The new socket design usually serves to fully exploit the benefits of these advancements while also ensuring compatibility and optimal performance of the CPU. So, even though the LGA 1851 adoption is yet to be confirmed, it represents a logical progression in line with Intel’s past practices with new CPU lineups.

Intel’s 14th Gen Socket Type: Moving Beyond LGA 1700

Initial leakers suggested that Intel’s 14th gen desktop processors would require a new LGA 2551 socket, implying that the current LGA 1700 motherboards would only support two CPU generations. However, this idea has since been discarded.

Current indications are that the 14th gen Meteor Lake processors will move away from the LGA 1700 socket, which was utilized by Alder Lake and Raptor Lake chips. The shift to a different socket means that consumers would not be able to reuse their LGA 1700 hardware with upcoming Meteor Lake CPUs and thus will have to get a new motherboard.

As we navigate the sea of rumors and leaks, it becomes increasingly evident that Intel’s next desktop CPU lineup won’t be compatible with the LGA 1700 socket. The likely candidate, as per current speculations, is the LGA 1851 socket. This change signifies that those planning to upgrade to the 14th gen processors should also anticipate a motherboard change. As always, we recommend waiting for official announcements from Intel for confirmation closer to the release date.


What socket is Intel 14th Gen?

Based on current indications, Meteor Lake chips could launch under the expected LGA 1851 socket. This is a change from the LGA 1700 socket used by 12th-gen Alder Lake and 13th-gen Raptor Lake chips, but still is rumor-bound so take it with a grain of salt.

Will 14th gen use LGA1700?

Answer: No, the 14th Gen Intel processors are not expected to use the LGA 1700 socket. According to the most recent leaks and industry speculation, the processors will likely use the LGA 1851 socket.

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