Black Friday PC case deals in 2022

Make your PC all the more impressive with these Black Friday PC Case deals!

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The Black Friday PC case deals will be upon us sooner rather than later, with just over two months until the fabled day arrives. If previous years are anything to go by, then this hotly anticipated sales event will see substantial savings across all manner of Mid Tower, Full Tower, and smaller form factor builds in 2022.

We’re bringing you everything that we know about the Black Friday PC case deals from which offers will be available on the day to where to find the deepest savings. We’ve made considerations towards budget options, mid-range boxes, and high-end chassis ready for enthusiast-grade components, too.

Best PC case deals in 2022

Where to find the best Black Friday PC case deals

Fortunately for us as PC gamers, PC cases haven’t endured anywhere near the hardships that other computing components have over the last two years. Historically speaking, we see the best Black Friday PC case deals across all reliable tech retailers, most notably Amazon, Newegg, and Best Buy in the US. Below, we’ve outlined where you can get the best savings:

Best Black Friday PC case deals

These are the kind of offers that were available in the previous year’s Black Friday PC deals. There were some decent savings from major players in the chassis game including MSI, NZXT, and Corsair, with premium models receiving close to $50 off in some cases. With a new motherboard generation and two new CPU families launching soon, a solid case is essential this time of year.

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Editor’s pick
Save $40

MSI – MPG GUNGNIR eATX Mid-Tower Case – Black/Light Gray

Editor’s pick
Save $45

NZXT – H510i Compact ATX Mid-Tower Case with Tempered Glass – Matte Black

Editor’s pick
Save $35

MSI – MPG GUNGNIR 110R ATX Mid-Tower Case

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When will Black Friday PC case sales start in 2022?

We now know that Black Friday is slated to take place on November 25. A recent trend with the hotly anticipated sales event, though, is that the deals tend to come in earlier than this date. It’s entirely possible and almost expected, that we’ll be seeing cases on sale as early as November 20.

This is because retailers constantly want to beat each other to the punch in a fight for market dominance. It’s ultimately a good thing for savvy shoppers, though, as if you’re eagle-eyed, you can effectively get in early and beat the rush if there’s a particular case you’ve got in mind.

How to get the best Black Friday PC case deals in 2022

You can get the best Black Friday PC case deals by taking your business to more than one location. Black Friday is an incredibly busy time of year and all major retailers want a piece of the action. Healthy competition is good, and you can stay ahead of the curve by keeping the pricing in mind. Occasionally, you can actually get PC cases cheaper before Black Friday itself, too.

Utilizing tools such as CamelCamelCamel and Honey are the ideal ways of pulling up the extensive pricing history of a case you have your eye on. Rates for all the in-demand cases tend to change rapidly, sometimes even hourly when the snowblind effect at different retailers kicks in. You can stay focused and ensure you’re getting the best offers by staying in the loop.

What features to consider when looking for Black Friday PC case deals?


There are three main sizes that you need to consider when buying a PC case on Black Friday. The most popular size is Mid-Tower, but Full-Tower chassis are also available discounted. Less easy to qualify is small form factor boxes, which are less conventional sizes for those gamers wanting to maximize desk space.

Feature set

While some PC cases have support for larger radiators, such as 240mm and 360mm, other smaller form factor boxes may not. Then there are nice-to-have features such as vertical GPU mounting and additional space for a dedicated video card AIO as well. It’s important to keep in mind what’s essential for your case to do, this can be as superficial as RGB lighting, too.

How much can I expect to save on PC cases over Black Friday?

Some of the deepest Black Friday PC case deals available can offer discounts as extensively as 50% off depending on the MSRP. It’s entirely possible to see $50 shredded off the sticker price of a high-end model, and even upwards of $100 in rare circumstances. Black Friday is worth waiting for as far as these components are concerned for this reason. A good case needs to last.

What are some of the best PC case brands?

Some of the best PC case brands include NZXT, Corsair, MSI, Fractal Design, Cooler Master, Antec, and Thermaltake just to name a few. Taste is subjective, and these brands certainly have some of the most visually appealing, and functionally designed boxes on the market for your build.