How To Unblock Someone On Discord

How To Unblock Someone On Discord

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The Discord chat application has become very popular over the last couple of years. It allows its users to communicate via text or voice chat, share screens, play games, and much more.

Discord is a free service that allows you to create private channels where you can invite friends to join. This makes it easier for you to stay connected with them.

However, sometimes you might want to block someone from joining your channel. For example, maybe they’re being annoying or spamming your channel.

The good news is that you can easily block someone from your Discord server. However, when you decide that they have learned their lesson, you can unblock them just as easily and allow them to join back into your group.


Blocking A User From Your Server

To block someone from your channel, all you need to do is:



Blocking A User


1 Blocking A User

Right-click on their username and select Block from the drop-down menu.



Blocking A User From Their Profile

Blocking A User From Their Profile

You can also block someone directly from their profile by clicking on their profile picture and pressing Block underneath their name.

Blocking someone will prevent them from being able to add you, talk to you, and converse in your server. However, they will still be able to see what you write on your server as well as your online status.


Unblocking A User From Your Server

Once you have blocked someone who does not need to be blocked anymore, you can unblock them and allow them to interact with you and your server again.



Unblocking A User

3 Unblocking A User

To do this, all you need to do is select The Friends tab from your DM list. Navigate to the Blocked Friends list from the top of the page.

Find the person that you have previously blocked from the list. There will be a widget next to their name to unblock them. Click on this widget.

The person in question will now be unblocked so that you can all enjoy your server once more.

Bear in mind that one of you will need to send the other a friend request and for it to be accepted so that you can be friends on Discord again. Blocking a contact automatically removes the friends status between you.


Muting A User From Your Server

Blocking is not always the way to go on Discord, and instead you can mute them instead. This is a less confrontational way of hiding someone’s messages from your screen and it does not alter your friends status with them.

Muting allows the person in question to continue talking on the server, but you just won’t see their messages for that session.



Muting A User

To mute someone, all you have to do is right-click on their username on the Member’s List on the right-hand side of the page.

Click mute. That’s it – a simple way to hide someone’s messages without them knowing. However, it will become more obvious as time goes on when you stop replying to their messages.

Choosing Between Muting And Blocking

Muting someone does not inform them of your actions and therefore is best for when someone is annoying you on the server and you simply don’t want to see their messages anymore. they don’t get notified and they won’t know right away that anyone has muted them.

On the other hand, blocking is slightly more serious and will inform the person that you have blocked them. You might choose to do this when they are being very annoying by spamming or harassing people on your server.

Blocking is not always the best way to go, but sometimes it is necessary to stop someone from being obnoxious on your server.


Discord is an amazing platform that brings together gamers from all over the world. It offers a fun environment where you can chat with your friends and play games together.

If you’ve blocked someone previously but are ready to be friends again, you can unblock them within seconds. Just warn them that you can block them again if they start acting up!

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