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The Dreamcast, a failed console that was ahead of its time has such reverence for its exclusive library, that people actually went out and bought Sonic Adventure 2 across multiple platforms!

Classics like Chu Chu Rocket, Soul Calibur, and Skies of Arcadia were thick and fast in the mere two years the console stayed on the market, which was ultimately brought down by SEGA’s lack of foresight on piracy and their financial troubles following a disastrous time with the Sega Saturn.Discontinued in 2001, the console remained legendary in the eyes of those who had one and now you too can experience that if you never have! It’s a great console and Reicast seems to be working towards making the console’s library available wherever you go. The Android version requires a little effort to get set up, but seems to work pretty well and even supports the microphone on the device.I highly recommend you seek out some of the quirkier titles on Dreamcast, however, if you want to play something like Seaman, you will want to investigate DMUL, an emulator that has microphone support, but Reicast on Android seems to do a pretty good job.The Dreamcast emulation scene is currently split between three different versions, Reicast, DEMUL, and redream, all having their own strengths and support, however only redream doesn’t require you to seek out BIOS files to load things up.