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Best GPU for Core i9-13900K in 2024 – our top Nvidia and AMD picks

Find out the best GPU to pair with the Intel Core i9-13900K right here.
Last Updated on April 15, 2024
Best GPU for Core i9-13900K

If you’re looking for the best GPU for Core i9-13900K, you’ve come to the right place.

The Intel Core i9-13900K is the most powerful of Intel’s 13th-generation CPUs. In terms of performance, it is more or less on the same level as the i9-14900K, as we found out in our review of the i9-14900K.

That said, with a CPU that is this powerful, you might think that pairing it with the most powerful GPU is the logical way to go. While that is true in some aspects, there are still plenty of factors to consider, such as total power draw, choosing between Nvidia and AMD, budget restrictions, and more.

To that end, we took the liberty of doing the research for you to help you cut through the clutter and kick off your buying journey in the best possible manner. We put together this in-depth guide, based on our research, which contains different options, their details, and pros and cons, which should help you make an informed decision.

Products at a Glance

How we picked the best GPU for i9-13900K

We researched the market and found various options from Nvidia and AMD. We filtered those options based on their price, compatibility, performance, and other features, such as DLSS and FSR. On top of that, we also conduct rigorous in-house testing of the cards. This gives us insight into how they’ll perform, and we can help you pair them with various CPUs, including an i9-13900K. We’re always updating our list with the latest information, so if there are better pairings than these, we’ll be sure to update them, so check back with us.

Our Recommended

Product Reviews

  • Outstanding performance across the board during our testing
  • Excellent for gaming in ultra-definition
  • Future-proofs your setup
  • It isn’t very energy-efficient
  • Come with at a premium price point
  • Requires a spacious casing as well as a high-end PSU

If you’re looking for the best GPU for i9-13900K, the RTX 4090 checks all the marks. In our RTX 4090 review, we found that it had a stellar performance in various tasks, so pairing it with the most powerful processor of the last generation should be the perfect match.

This GPU has impressive hardware under the hood. It features 16,384 CUDA cores, a base clock speed of 2.23 GHz, and a boost clock speed of 2.52 GHz. This means this GPU has enough firepower to tackle any task head-on and come out on top.

It boasts 24GB of GDDR6X memory with a 384-bit memory interface width. This means it has more than enough VRAM to handle intense gaming, editing, rendering, or deep learning tasks. The 384-bit memory interface is also high and should accommodate a fast data transfer rate to and from the GPU for processing. This results in the exceptional performance we saw during our testing.

According to Nvidia, the RTX 4090 performs 5.2 times better than the RTX 3090 Ti in Cyberpunk 2077 at 3840×2160 resolution with DLSS and Ray Tracing enabled. This shows the generation performance gap, and even though it costs a premium, it’s worth the investment.

In addition, with DLSS 3.5’s support, it managed a maximum of 99 FPS in Cyberpunk 2077 at 4K with maximum settings. So, if you prefer story-based games and want to experience the best in-game visuals, this GPU shouldn’t disappoint.

The RTX 4090 is nothing short of a beast and looks the part. With dimensions of 304mm in length and 137mm in width, it is a massive GPU that needs plenty of space inside the casing. On top of that,  it has a TGP of 450W, meaning it will produce a lot of heat when it gets going. So, investing in powerful fans or a spacious PC case is recommended to avoid overheating problems. Also, given its size, investing in a GPU support bracket would be ideal to eliminate any GPU sagging.

Overall, the RTX is an absolute powerhouse that should be able to handle anything you throw at it. The only downsides are its price and power consumption, but given the hardware it packs, we think these are justified.

  • Top-notch 4K results
  • It costs less than the RTX 4090
  • Great performance-enhancing software capabilities
  • High typical board power of 355W
  • Falls behind the RTX 4090 in Ray Tracing
  • It still costs more than $1,000

If you’re looking for the best GPU for i9-13900K from AMD, consider giving the RX 7900 XTX a shot.

Our review of the RX 7900 XTX showed that it performs exceptionally well, blowing through titles in 4K with maxed-out graphics settings. This performance is courtesy of its 6,144 stream processors, which are the same as Nvidia’s CUDA cores. It also has a game frequency of 2,300 MHz and a boost frequency of 2,500 MHz. This should be enough to handle even the most resource-intensive tasks, whether gaming in ultra-definition or complex rendering.

However, if you want to squeeze every bit of performance out of this GPU, you can increase its frequency to its maximum or even overclock it to the next level. One thing to note is that running a GPU with high overclocking for extended periods will likely reduce its lifespan.

It features a whopping 24GB of GDDR6 memory with a 384-bith memory interface width. This means that when you launch a game, it should already be on the highest settings. The interface should ensure a smooth data transition to and from the GPU without facing bottleneck issues.

The RX 7900 XTX has a handful of AMD technologies in its arsenal, such as AMD Smart Access Memory and FidelityFX Super Resolution. The Smart Access Memory gives the CPU and GPU direct access, resulting in reduced access time and faster processing, which delivers great results. However, for this to work, you’ll need to pair it with a Ryzen chipset, so if you ever feel like making the full transition to Team Red, this should come in handy.

The FidelityFX Super Resolution, or FSR, uses advanced upscaling and frame generation to enhance in-game performance. According to AMD, by enabling FSR3 Performance Mode and Frame Generation, you should see a latency reduction from 81 MS to 55 MS and experience an increase from 58 FPS to  201 FPS in titles like Forspoken at 4K with ultra-high RT graphics settings.

What this means is that even if some titles aren’t performing well due to poor optimization or any other reason, this GPU’s software capabilities should be enough to bridge the gap and deliver an excellent gameplay experience.

This card is rated for a typical board power of 355W, and that isn’t surprising given the hardware it packs under the hood. However, you will most likely need a powerful PSU to support your entire rig and invest in good case fans to keep everything running at optimal temperatures. In either case, we’ve got you covered with our best PSU for RX 7900 XTX and best 140mm case fans guides, which have the best picks available.


Overall, the RX 7900 XTX doesn’t disappoint in 1440p and 4K gaming. On top of that, it costs less than the RTX 4090, making it an excellent GPU to pair with the Intel Core i9-13900K.

  • Comparatively, it costs less than the RTX 4090
  • A powerhouse capable of handling 4K gaming
  • It performs better than the RTX 4080
  • It still has a price point of $1,000+
  • It has a high power draw of 320W
  • The availability of this card is an issue

If you were looking for the best Nvidia GPU for the i9-13900K, we recommend you check out the RTX 4080 Super. We think this GPU will go well with this CPU because in our RTX 4080 Super review, we saw that it handled resource-intensive tasks easily, and its performance should complement the i9-13900K’s potential.

For starters, this GPU has 10,240 CUDA cores, 512 more than the RTX 4080, a base clock speed of 2.29 GHz, and a boost clock speed of 2.55 GHz. What this means is that this GPU should be able to handle various graphical tasks without a hitch.

It also features 16 GB of GDDR6X memory with a 256-bit memory interface width. The memory interface width is important as the more width there is, the smoother the data flow will be, leading to better and more efficient performance as there’ll be fewer chances of a bottleneck. 16GB of VRAM should also let you tweak the in-game settings, whether playing at 2K or 4K.

The RTX 4080 Super has one HDMI and three Display ports, which should be perfect for a multi-monitor setup. Nvidia claims that you should be able to connect up to four 4K 120Hz or two 4K 240Hz monitors with this GPU. While this card is great for 4K gaming, pushing high framerates on dual monitors might be a bit much.

Nvidia also tested the RTX 4080 Super against the RTX 3080 Ti and found it performed 3.1 times better than in titles like Alan Wake 2 at 3840×2160 resolution with DLSS and RT enabled. So, regardless of the type of games you play, this card should be able to handle them all.

All in all, the RTX 4080 Super has great performance. If you’re looking for a 4K gaming graphic card but don’t want to spend a fortune on the RTX 4090, then this card is one of the best to pair with an i9-13900K.

  • Outstanding gaming performance
  • Expensive
  • Runs hot

The best graphics performance within the 30-series lineup is the RTX 3090 Ti. It marked a significant milestone by introducing 8K gaming capability to desktops.

This GPU is powered by Nvidia Ampere and features enhanced RT Cores and Tensor Cores, plus new streaming multiprocessors to deliver the highest possible performance for ray tracing and AI. With 24GB of GDDR6X memory, the RTX 3090 Ti can handle even the most demanding games and applications. It also supports Nvidia’s latest technologies, including DLSS, and Broadcast, for a smoother, more immersive gaming experience.

How to pick the best GPU for i9-13900K

Before investing in any GPU, there are a handful of factors that you need to keep in mind. These factors should help you avoid needless upgrades and filter your options until you have the best balance between performance and value. We’ve listed some of these factors below to help you make an informed decision.

GPU size

If you’re selecting a GPU for the Intel Core i9-13900K, there is a strong likelihood that you’re going for an option that is at the top of the performance stack of either Nvidia or AMD. Now, those powerhouses are big cards, and they need a good amount of space to be comfortably mounted on the motherboard inside your casing.

So, ensure your PC case has enough space to accommodate a big GPU. Forcing it to fit isn’t recommended, as it could damage the GPU, other components, or both. That said, If you’re interested in upgrading your casing, check out our best cases for the RTX 4090 guide, which has the best picks available on the market.

Thermal output

The i9-13900K is a high-performance processor that will generate a good amount of heat. While pairing it with a powerful GPU makes sense as your rig would be “future-proofed,” putting two such components together would increase the heat output of your rig, and you’ll need to invest in adequate cooling solutions to keep the temperature in check.

That said, you can also upgrade your fans, and we’ve got you covered with our best PC case fans guide, which includes the top picks.

Power supply

An important factor to consider when selecting a GPU to pair with the i9-13900K is its total power draw and the total power your setup consumes. Why is this important? If your PSU can’t handle your rig’s power draw, it will keep tripping, resulting in disruption and frustration. So, consider your PSU’s limits, and if you still want to go for the top option, you’ll have to invest in a PSU with a higher wattage. In that case, we recommend checking out our best high-end PSU guide, which has the best picks available on the market.

Our Verdict


After reviewing the different GPUs, considering their features, the technologies they have at their disposal, and their raw performance, there was a clear winner: the RTX 4090. This GPU has a massive amount of VRAM and 24GB of GDDR6X; it performed exceptionally well during our in-house testing and is great for 4K gaming. While it does come at a premium cost, that is what the best of the best is worth, and given its performance, we think it is definitely worth it.