RTX 4070 release date prediction

Nvidia's RTX 4070 is highly sought after, yet little is known about when consumers can expect to pick up the card

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The RTX 4070 is expected to hit the market in April 2023. Nevertheless, the RTX 4070 release date remains uncertain as no official announcement has been made just yet. Interestingly, the speculated release date comes just three months after the launch of its higher-end counterpart, the RTX 4070 Ti, which is anticipated to be a pricey affair.

It is anticipated that the upcoming GTC event this year will witness the announcement of the RTX 4060 Ti along with the GPU. CEO Jensen Huang from Team Green is expected to discuss AI in the keynote, but enthusiasts eagerly await the revelation of the new graphics cards, which are now overdue for an announcement. The keynote is scheduled for March 21, 2023, and is set to commence at 4 PM CET. Given that previous GeForce cards have been unveiled at the event, it is highly likely that this one will follow suit.

According to reports, Chinese suppliers received the initial batch of RTX 40-series chips in August 2022. Nevertheless, the report does not specify which chips are included in this shipment, and thus it remains unclear whether the AD104, the basis for the RTX 4070, is among them.

What is the predicted performance of the 4070?

We can expect the RTX 4070 to be a powerful graphics card capable of delivering high-end performance in demanding applications and games. With 5,888 CUDA cores and 184 Tensor cores, it should be capable of delivering excellent performance in machine learning and AI applications as well.

The 12GB of GDDR6X video memory with a speed of 21 Gbps and a memory bus width of 192-bit will allow the card to handle complex textures and high-resolution displays with ease, providing a smooth and fluid gaming experience even at high resolutions.

The Ray Tracing (RT) Core count of 46 should ensure excellent performance in ray tracing and real-time rendering applications. Meanwhile, the 64 Render Output Units (ROPs) and 184 Texture Mapping Units (TMUs) should ensure fast and efficient rendering of images and textures.

Overall, the RTX 4070 looks to be a high-performance graphics card suitable for demanding gaming, professional, and scientific applications. It should offer a significant performance boost compared to the previous generation RTX 30-series GPUs.