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How To Move Files To A SD Card

SD cards can be found in lots of digital devices, from phones to cameras. Learn how to move files onto an SD card from either your phone or laptop.

Reviewed By: Kevin Pocock

Last Updated on July 15, 2024
How To Move Files To A SD Card
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SD cards are a great way to expand the internal storage on your phone, allowing you to store more files such as music, photos, or documents.

If you want to take any of these files off your phone, then you can often just pop the SD card into your laptop or PC and remove whatever you want.

But how do you move files from your laptop, or the internal storage in your phone, onto your new SD card?

In this guide, we will be taking a look at how to access the SD card in your phone, so you can transfer files onto from your phone’s internal memory.


Moving Files To A SD Card On Android

There are two ways to move files onto an SD card when using an Android phone. For both methods, the first thing you will need to do is open up the ‘Files’ app on your phone.

Once you are in this app, press the browse bar at the bottom of the screen.



Moving Files Using Categories

Select the ‘Categories’ option from your browse bar and choose the type of file that you want to move.

Once you have found the file you wish to move, tap the ‘More’ button in the top-right corner of your screen.

Select either ‘Move To’ or ‘Copy To’ and tap your SD card. You will now receive the option to create a new folder, or move your files into an existing one.

To create a new folder, tap the ‘Add New Folder’ option, or click on the folder where you want to move your files.



Moving Files From Storage Devices

From your browse bar, scroll down to ‘Storage Devices’ and then tap on your SD card. Locate the files you want to move and tap the ‘More’ button in the top right corner of your screen.

You can then check the circle next to each file that you want to move, or just tap the file if you only want to move one.

Once you have chosen the files you want to move, you can copy, or move them to an existing folder or create a new one using the steps described above.


Moving Files To A SD Card From A Laptop

If you want to transfer files from your laptop onto the SD card in your phone, you will need to have a laptop or PC with a port for inserting your SD card.

Alternatively, you could buy an external card reader that connects to your computer via USB.



Transferring Files From A Windows PC

Place the SD card into the appropriate port on your laptop, or insert it into your external card reader.

Open ‘File Explorer’ and look for your SD card in the sidebar on the left-hand side.

You can then drag and drop files onto the SD card from your laptop.

Make sure before you remove your SD card make sure that you eject it properly to protect it from corruption.



Transferring Files From A Mac

Place the SD card into the port on your MacBook or plug it into an external card reader.

Open the ‘Finder’ window and look for your SD card in the Sidebar on the left.

Now it is simply a case of locating the files you want to transfer, so you can drag and drop them onto the SD card.

Make sure to eject your card before removing it to protect your files from corruption.


Following the steps above will help you to quickly move all of your files between your various devices. This will help with keeping backups of your precious photos or other files so that you will always have access to them.

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