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AMD has quietly confirmed RDNA 4 Navi 48 GPU development in a ROCm patch

Last Updated on April 5, 2024
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The very first RDNA 4 GPU from AMD is starting development. The GPU, codenamed the AMD Navi 48, was quietly added to AMD’s ROCm Validation Suite. Development has continued for this discrete graphics card, and making its way to the ROCm is a big step.

The Navi 48 being added to ROCm, spotted by VideoCardz, is an indirect confirmation of the first GPU that features the RDNA 4 architecture. This next-generation GPU is expected to feature 32 WGP. While the rest of its specs have yet to be known, it’s highly likely that this GPU is not intended to compete with Nvidia’s upcoming high-range specs that the GB202 is planning to feature. AMD will instead, be focusing on mid-range for their next generation of graphics cards.

RDNA 4-based Navi 48 GPUs are chugging along in development

The Navi 48 being added to ROCm is a good sign in its production. The software engineers at AMD are introducing the first patches for the card, such as initial configuration files and build targets. As mentioned above, the upload doesn’t include any confirmation about the official specs of the Navi 48. We do know that it will be using the RDNA 4 architecture, and featured in the upcoming Radeon 8000 series. But beyond that, much of the GPU is still a mystery.

GPU codenamed the Navi 44, also is based on RDNA 4 and will be launching alongside the Navi 48. Sadly, this one was not uploaded to AMD’d ROCm Validation Suite alongside the Navi 48. While Navi 48 is expected to be the more high-end of the two, as mentioned above, it still will likely not be competition for Nvidia’s GB202. It seems AMD isn’t interested in competing with Nvidia in terms of power when it comes to GPUs anymore. The entire Radeon 8000 series is expected to be priced at mid-range, including both the Navi 48 and Navi 44.

When the RDNA 4 technology will be officially released is also still unknown. The patch on ROCm didn’t give any clues about when AMD is planning to launch the architecture, or when the Radeon 8000 series will be launching. However, with the ROCm patch being added, it’s a step closer to getting these GPUs in the hands of gamers.

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